Matthew Baerman

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Krongo, a member of the Kadu family (Nuba Mountains, Sudan), has four agreement classes: feminine, masculine, neuter and plural (Reh 1985). Nominal number-marking prefixes play a key role in class assignment: productive plural prefixes trigger plural agreement, and productive singular prefixes… read more
Sims-Williams, Helen and Matthew Baerman 2021 A typological perspective on the loss of inflection* Lost in Change: Causes and processes in the loss of grammatical elements and constructions, Kranich, Svenja and Tine Breban (eds.), pp. 19–50 | Chapter
The loss of inflectional morphology is a diachronic process which has played a major role in shaping our linguistic landscape, but has never been the target of focussed research in the same way that the origin of inflectional morphology has been. We offer here a preliminary typology of the… read more