Eva González Melón

List of John Benjamins publications for which Eva González Melón plays a role.


Hanegreefs, Hilde and Eva González Melón 2015 Communicative effects of mira ‘look’ and a ver ‘let’s see’ in oral argumentative discourse: Divergence versus convergenceHearer-Orientation in Spoken Genres, Cornillie, Bert and Barbara De Cock (eds.), pp. 35–55 | Article
This paper analyzes the communicative effects of the discourse markers mira ‘look’ and a ver ‘let’s see’ in two subgenres of oral argumentative discourse, viz. tertulia and debate, where the expression of a proper opinion and the formulation of arguments is often accompanied and reinforced by… read more
González Melón, Eva 2009 Book reviewsITL - International Journal of Applied Linguistics 158, pp. 135–138 | Review