Anastasia Makarova

List of John Benjamins publications for which Anastasia Makarova plays a role.


Nesset, Tore and Anastasia Makarova 2018 The decade construction rivalry in Russian: Using a corpus to study historical linguisticsDiachronica 35:1, pp. 71–106 | Article
This article addresses the diachronic development of so-called rival forms, i.e., words or grammatical constructions that appear to be synonyms, based on a detailed empirical analysis of two seemingly synonymous constructions in Russian. Corresponding to the English ‘decade construction’ in the… read more
Although it has been widely assumed in historical linguistics that semantics plays a crucial role in analogical change, it is difficult to pinpoint the contribution of the semantic factor, since meaning and form work closely together in bringing about language change. The purpose of the present… read more