History and Historiography of Linguistics

Proceedings of the fourth International Conference on the History of the Language Sciences (ICHoLS IV), Trier, 24–28 August 1987. 2 Volumes

2 Volumes (set)

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This wide-ranging volume brings together a selection of papers dealing with the history of linguistics from Antiquity to the present and from various areas of the world. The volume is divided into nine sections and includes an index of names and an index of subjects. I. Generalia: Sylvain Auroux, Richard Baum, Volker Heeschen, Konrad Koerner, Joachim Mugdan. II. Antiquity: Talbot J. Taylor, Vivien Law, William E. McMahon, Haiim B. Rosen. III. Arabic Linguistics: William J. Jobling, Janusz Danecki, Kees Versteegh, Mohammed Sawaie. IV. The Middle Ages: Mark Amsler, Irene Rosier, Louis G. Kelly, Julio Cesar Santoyo, Mirko Tavoni. V. Renaissance: Claire Lecointre, Pierre Lardet, Manuel Breva-Claramonte, Olga Koutna, Douglas A. Kibbee, Claudio Marazzini, Hans-Dieter Paufler. VI. The 17th Century: Aldo Scaglione, Jana Privratska, Joseph L. Subbiondo, Wendy Ayres-Bennett, Annie Boone. VII. The 18th Century: Rudiger Schreyer, Robert S. Leventhal, Klaus D. Dutz, Olga Pombo, Ramon Sarmiento, Herbert Ernst Brekle, Werner Bahner, Michel Trousson, Jean-Claude Choul, Gerda Haîler, Brigitte Schlieben-Lange. VIII. The 19th Century: Joachim Gessinger, Maria Tsiapera, Manfred Kohrt, Hartmut Schmidt, Ulrich Ricken, Joan Leopold, T. Craig Christy, Joanna Radwanska Williams, Pierre Swiggers & Willy van Hoecke, Simone Delesalle, Michel Pierrard, Jacques-Philippe Saint-Gerard, Jan Noordegraaf, Gerhard Schlimpert, Ronald Lotsch, Tiborc Fazekas, Elke Nowak. IX. The 20th Century: Brigitte Nerlich, John Hewson, Simon Bouquet, Julie Andresen, W. Terrence Gordon, William Cowan.
[Studies in the History of the Language Sciences, 51:S] 1990.  xxv, x, 873 pp.
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