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1. Literary Texts

Anderson, Sherwood
1982 (11919) Winesburg, Ohio. Harmondsworth: Penguin.—Hebrew version: Aharon Amir. Tel-Aviv: Am Oved 1959.Google Scholar
Bellow, Saul
1968 (11951) Seize the Day. London: Weidenfeld and Nicolson.—Hebrew version: Aviv Melzer. Jerusalem: Adam 1979.Google Scholar
Conrad, Joseph
1976 (11902) Heart of Darkness. In: Heart of Darkness and Typhoon. London: Pan.—Hebrew version: Mordechai Avi-Shaul. Tel-Aviv: Sifriat Poalim 1961.Google Scholar
Defoe, Daniel
1964 (11722) Moll Flanders. New York: Signet, New American Library.—Hebrew version: Sarah Ripin. Tel-Aviv: Mizrahi, n.d. [1964, according to Kiryat Sefer.]Google Scholar
Faulkner, William
1962The Reivers: A Reminiscence. New York: Random House.—Hebrew version: Aliza Netser. Tel-Aviv: Amihai 1963.Google Scholar
Fleming, Ian
1965 (11959) Goldfinger. London: Pan.—Hebrew version: B. Uriel. [possibly a pseudonym.] Tel-Aviv: Ramdor, n.d. [1964, according to Kiryat Sefer .]Google Scholar
Forster, E.M.
1975 (11905) Where Angels Fear to Tread. London: Edward Arnold.—Hebrew version: Meir Wieseltier. Jerusalem: Keter 1980.Google Scholar
Galsworthy, John
1926The Forsyte Saga. New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons.—Hebrew version: P. Dan [= Pinhas Danziger]. Tel-Aviv: Ramdor 1970.Google Scholar
Hardy, Thomas
1974 (11896) Jude the Obscure. London and Basingstoke: Macmillan.—Hebrew version: A.D. Shapir. Tel-Aviv: Hakibbutz Hameuchad 1960.Google Scholar
Hemingway, Ernest
1977 (11927) Fiesta: The Sun Also Rises. London: Triad/Panther.—Hebrew version: Vera Israelit. Tel-Aviv: Am Oved 1962.Google Scholar
Metalious, Grace
1972 (11957) Peyton Place. London: Pan.—Hebrew version: Y. Avrahami. Tel-Aviv: S. Friedmann 1959.Google Scholar
Updike, John
1985 (11960) Rabbit, Run. Harmondsworth: Penguin.—Hebrew version: Dvora Steinhart. Tel-Aviv: Siman Kria 1977.Google Scholar
West, Rebecca
1967 (11966) The Birds Fall Down. London: Pan.—Hebrew version: Esther Caspi. Tel-Aviv: Am Oved 1968.Google Scholar
Woolf, Virginia
1983 11928) Orlando. London: Granada, Triad/Panther.—Hebrew version: Zvi Arad. Tel-Aviv: Mahbarot Lesifrut 1964.Google Scholar

2. Research and Non-Literary Texts

Aloni-Feinberg, Yafa
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