Review published in:
Vol. 25:1 (2019) ► pp. 121127

List of contributions

Bowker, Lynne and Jairo Buitrago Ciro
Localizing websites using machine translation: exploring connections between user experience and translatability
Cao, Yixin
Crowdsourcing translation in contemporary China: theories and practices
Cardey, Sylviane
Norms and controlled language for machine translation
Chan, Sin-wai
Caught in the web of translation: reflections on the compilation of three translation encyclopedias
Ghassemiazghandi, Mozhgan and Tengku Sepora Tengku Mahadi
Quality estimation of machine translation for literature
Jiang, Cheng and Min Wang
A comparative study of term extraction methods in translation
Kwong, Olivia Oi Yee
Evaluating term extraction tools: system performance vs user perception
Ngesu, Sarah Ndanu M.
Issues of language structure in machine translation between English and Kiswahili
Qian, Duoxiu
Introducing corpus rhetoric into translation quality assessment: a case study of the white papers on China’s national defense
Warburton, Kara
Terminology resources in support of global communication
Wong, Cecilia Shuk Man
Optimizing the use of computer translation systems by examining disciplinary differences and characteristics of genres as well as various approaches applied in computer translation
Xu, Bin
Corpora and CAT-based CN-EN translation of Chinese culture
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