Translation and Interpreting Studies

Online-First Articles

The following articles have been published online-first, and have not yet published in an issue.

24 September 2020

Specialized translators in the GDR: Professionals across politics, scientific knowledge and translatorial competence
Hanna Blum and Philipp Hofeneder | 21 pp.

16 September 2020

The backstories of Cold War translations: Shepherding into English the writing of Miroslav Krleža and Milovan Djilas
Ellen Elias-Bursac | 20 pp.
Cold War literary modernists in a dialogue under oppression: Yevgeny Yevtushenko and Andrei Voznesensky in Anglo-American translations during and after the “Thaw”
Alexander Erokhin | 19 pp.

7 September 2020

Additions in simultaneous signed interpreting: A corpus-driven grounded study
Ella Wehrmeyer | 21 pp.

25 August 2020

Measuring the usability of machine translation in the classroom context
Yanxia Yang, Xiangling Wang and Qingqing Yuan | 23 pp.

6 July 2020

Interpreting is interpreting: Why we need to leave behind interpreting settings to discover Comparative Interpreting Studies
Jonathan Downie | 22 pp.

19 June 2020

The translator: Literary or performance artist?
Gabriela Saldanha | 19 pp.

22 April 2020

Radical cultural specificity in translation
Anna Strowe | 20 pp.

11 March 2020

Methodological nationalism in translation studies: A critique
Mattea Cussel | 18 pp.

2 October 2019

Translating discourse markers in theater: David Mence’s Convincing Ground in Italian translation
Angela Tiziana Tarantini and Ruben Benatti | 21 pp.

6 September 2019

Sign language interpreting services: A quick fix for inclusion?
Maartje De Meulder and Hilde Haualand | 23 pp.