Translation and Interpreting Studies

Online-First Articles

The following articles have been published online-first, and have not yet published in an issue.

25 May 2020

Can music inspire translators?: Using background music as a trigger for narrative engagement in literary translation
Beatriz Naranjo Sánchez

22 April 2020

Radical cultural specificity in translation
Anna Strowe

8 April 2020

When the audience changes: Translating adult fiction for young readers
Marija Zlatnar Moe and Tanja Žigon

6 April 2020

It’s all in the attitude: Parodies of Rachid Taha and Seu Jorge
Galia Hirsch

11 March 2020

Methodological nationalism in translation studies: A critique
Mattea Cussel

4 February 2020

Translating narratives and counter-narratives in Ahmet Ümit’s When Pera Trees Whisper
Duygu Tekgül-Akın

10 December 2019

The individual on the move: Redefining ‘individualism’ in China
Yifan Zhu and Kyung Hye Kim

2 October 2019

Translating discourse markers in theater: David Mence’s Convincing Ground in Italian translation
Angela Tiziana Tarantini and Ruben Benatti

6 September 2019

Sign language interpreting services: A quick fix for inclusion?
Maartje De Meulder and Hilde Haualand

12 July 2019

The lyric present in English translations of Russian poetry: A case study of English versions of Anna Akhmatova’s poems
Józefina Piątkowska