6.1 Self correction H-deletion, Gunshots in the Mountain View area

6.2 Jingle I, RJR Headline News

6.3 Jingle II, Newstalk93FM

6.4 Jingle II, IRIE FM news

6.5 Jingle IV, RJR News Line Seven

6.6 Jingle V, IRIE FM general

6.7 Welcome and sing-off I, IRIE FM news journal

6.8 Welcome and sing-off II, Newstalk93FM 12 o'clock NewsPackage

6.9 Welcome and sing-off III, RJR Newsline Seven

6.10 News bulletin news item, Murder of Steven Laurence

6.11 News journal news item sequence, Cement dispute with the Dominican Republic

6.12 Paraphrasing regular citizens, Shootings in St. Catharine North Police Division

6.13 Interview I, Cement dispute with the Dominican Republic

6.14 Interview II, Jamaican proverb

6.15 Pre-recorded report, Oil prices in Jamaica

6.16 Live report, Roving Report

6.17 Imported news report, Syrian civil war

6.18 Imported news sequence, National Public Radio international headline