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Earlier North American Englishes
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[Varieties of English Around the World G66] 2022
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List of data bases

Nineteenth-Century U.S. Newspapers (NCNP)
. Gale. [URL] (23 January 2022)
America’s Historical Newspapers (AHN)
. Readex. [URL] (23 January 2022)

List of newspaper articles cited

A City Boarder
1894 In Omaha World Herald, 16.09.1894 (AHN).Google Scholar
All sorts
1882 In Daily Evening Bulletin, 01.03.1882 (NCNP).Google Scholar
Hogg at Farmersville
1892 In The Galveston Daily News, 20.10.1892 (NCNP).Google Scholar
1856 In The Boston Daily Atlas, 22.07.1856 (NCNP).Google Scholar
. How a Montana Girl Paralyzed a New York Dude 1889 In Milwaukee Daily Journal, 29.06.1889 (NCNP).Google Scholar
The American Language
1882 In Tucson Daily Citizen, 25.07.1882 (AHN).Google Scholar
The Big Cricket Game
. Oxford and Cambridge Score Heavily in Their First Inning 1895 In Philadelphia Inquirer, 14.09.1895 (AHN).Google Scholar
The Girls in Gotham
1882 In The Daily Republican-Sentinel, 19.11.1882 (NCNP).Google Scholar
The Hex-Hasperating Hinglish
1873 In Cincinnati Daily Gazette, 18.10.1873 (AHN).Google Scholar
Trees and Trees
1897 In The Philadelphia Inquirer, 19.09.1897 (AHN).Google Scholar
W. H. D.
1889A Letter from London. Royal Agricultural Show. Never before Equaled in Britain. In Sun, 16.07.1889 (AHN).Google Scholar

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