A History of the English Language

Revised edition

| Arizona State University
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The English language in its complex shapes and forms changes fast. This thoroughly revised edition has been refreshed with current examples of change and has been updated regarding archeological research. Most suggestions brought up by users and reviewers have been incorporated, for instance, a family tree for Germanic has been added, Celtic influence is highlighted much more, there is more on the origin of Chancery English, and internal and external change are discussed in much greater detail. The philosophy of the revised book remains the same with an emphasis on the linguistic history and on using authentic texts. My audience remains undergraduates (and beginning graduates). The goals of the class and the book are to come to recognize English from various time periods, to be able to read each stage with a glossary, to get an understanding of typical language change, internal and external, and to understand something about language typology through the emphasis on the change from synthetic to analytic.

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This title replaces A History of the English Language (2006)

[Not in series, 183]  2014.  xx, 338 pp.
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Table of Contents
Preface to the first edition (2006)
Preface to the revised edition
Notes to the user and abbreviations
List of tables
List of figures
1. The English language
2. English spelling, sounds, and grammar
3. Before Old English
4. Old English: 450–1150
5. From Old to Middle English
6. Middle English: 1150–1500
7. Early Modern English: 1500–1700
8. Modern English: 1700–the present
9. English around the world
10. Conclusion
Appendix I: Possible answers to the exercises and some additional information on in-text questions
Appendix II: How to use the OED
Appendix III: Chronology of historical events
“This book is incredibly well-written and readable. It is full of history but never gets boring. The exercises are stimulating and there are tons of great texts.”
“Great research, many options for additional information for research as you read. Diagrams, tables, and figures which add to the learning process. Lots of activities to strengthen what was just explained. Appendices very useful -- this book is not dry as so many others are - plainly written and easy to understand but extensively informative.”
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