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Late Modern English Medical Texts: Writing medicine in the eighteenth century. Including the LMEMT Corpus
Edited by Irma Taavitsainen and Turo Hiltunen
[Not in series 221] 2019
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Adair, James McKittrick
1790Essays on Fashionable Diseases. London.Google Scholar
1684ARISTOTLES MASTER-PIECE Or the Secrets of Generation displayed in all the parts thereof. London: Printed for J. How.Google Scholar
, De Spermate Hominis (late 14th c.) “De Spermate Hominis: A Middle English poem on human embryology.” Ed. by Henry Hargreaves 1977 Mediaeval Studies 39: 507.Google Scholar
1775Lilly’s New Erra Pater; or, A Prognostication for Ever. London: Aldermary Church Yard.Google Scholar
c. 1800Physiognomy, or the Corresponding Analogy between the Conformation of the Features, and the Ruling Passions of the Mind. London: H.D. Symonds.Google Scholar
1726?The Book of Knowledge Shewing the Wisdom of the Ancients, Written by Erra Pater, a Jewish Doctor… made English by William Lilly. Gosport: J. Phillpot.Google Scholar
Arderne, John
1910Treatises of Fistula in Ano, Haemorrhoids, and Clysters. Ed. by Power, D'Arcy. Early English Text Society O.S. 139. 1–37. London: Kegan, Paul, Trench, Trübner & Co..Google Scholar
Bacon, Francis
[1638] 1831 “History of life and death.” In The Works of Francis Bacon, vol. XIV, 309–423. London: William Pickering.Google Scholar
Bagwell, William
1655The Mystery of Astronomy. London.Google Scholar
Bacon, Francis
[1605] 1640Of the advancement and proficience of learning; or, The partitions of sciences IX bookes / written in Latin by the most eminent, illustrious, & famous Lord Francis Bacon baron of Verulam, Vicont St Alban, Counsilour of Estate and Lord Chancellor of England. ; Interpreted by Gilbert Wats. Instauratio magna Of the aduancement of learning Partitions of sciences Partitions of sciences. Oxford: Printed by Leon: Lichfield, printer to the University, for Rob: Young & Ed: Forrest., cI[c]I[c]cXL.Google Scholar
Bailey, Walter
1588A Short Discourse of the three kindes of PEPPERS in common vse, and certaine special medicines made of the same, tending to the preseruation of health. Facsimile edition: 1972 [The English experience No. 425]. Amsterdam/New York: Theatrum Orbis Terrarum and Da Capo Press. (Originally [London?: Eliot’s Court Press?].) STC 1199.Google Scholar
Baker, George
1772 “The case of Mr Thomas wood, a miller, of Billericay, in the county of Essex … read at the College on September 9, 1767.” In Medical Transactions, vol. 2, 259–274. Printed for Baker S. and Dodsley J.Google Scholar
Black, William
1782An Historical Sketch of Medicine and Surgery. London: J. Johnson.Google Scholar
Blount, Thomas
1656Glossographia or a Dictionary. London.Google Scholar
Brauschweig, Hieronymus
1525The noble experyence of the vertuous handy warke of surgeri/ practysyd & compyled by the moost experte mayster Iherome of Bruynswyke/ borne in Straesborowe in Almayne/ þe whiche hath it fyrst proued/ and trewly founde by his awne dayly exercysynge. Item there after he hath authorysed and done it to vnderstande thrugh the trewe sentences of the olde doctours and maysters very experte in the seyence of Surgery… Facsimile edition: 1973 [The English experience No. 531]. Amsterdam/New York: Theatrum Orbis Terrarum and Da Capo Press. (Originally London: Petrus Treueris.) STC 13434.Google Scholar
Buchan, William
1797 “Observations concerning the diet of the common people, recommending a method of living less expensive, and more conducive to health, than the present.” In Domestic Medicine: or, a Treatise on the Prevention and Cure of Diseases by Regimen and Simple Medicines. Buchan, W. London: W. Strahan.Google Scholar
Bullokar, John
1616An English Expositor. London.Google Scholar
1621An English Expositor. London.Google Scholar
Burton, Robert
1621Anatomy of melancholy. Oxford: Henry Cripps.CrossrefGoogle Scholar
Cawdrey, Robert
1617A Table Alphabetical, Containing and Teaching the Understanding of Hard Usual English Words. London.Google Scholar
1604A table alphabetical. London.Google Scholar
Charas, Moyse
1678THE Royal Pharmacopoea, GALENICAL AND CHYMICAL, According to the PRACTICE Of the Most Eminent and Learned PHYSITIANS OF FRANCE, And Publish’d with their several Approbations. London: printed for John Starkey and Moses Pitt. Wing C2040.Google Scholar
de Chauliac, Guy
1976The Middle English Translation of Guy de Chauliac's Treatise on Wounds. Ed. by Björn Wallner. 3–51. Lund: CWK Gleerup.Google Scholar
Cheyne, George
1733 [1976]The English Malady. Scholars’ Facsimiles & Reprints.Google Scholar
1742The Natural Method of Cureing the Diseases of the Body, and the Disorders of the Mind Depending on the Body. London: Geo. Strahan and John and Paul Knapton.Google Scholar
Cockeram, Henry
1623English Dictionary. London.Google Scholar
Cornaro, Alvise
2014Writings on the Sober Life: The Art and Grace of Living Long, Hiroko Fudemoto (ed. and trans.). Toronto: University of Toronto Press.Google Scholar
Culpeper, Nicholas
1649A PHYSICALL DIRECTORY OR A translation of the LONDON DISPENSATORY Made by the Colledge of Physicians in London. Being that book by which all Apothicaries are strictly commanded to make all their Physick with many hundred additions which the reader may find in every page marked with this letter A. Also there is added the use of all the simples beginning at the first page and ending at the 78 page. London: Printed for Peter Cole. Wing C7540.Google Scholar
[1653] 1995Complete Herbal and English Physician Enlarged. Wordsworth imprint of 1653 edition. London: Wordsworth.Google Scholar
Durant, John
1697Art and nature. London: printed for Sam. Clark.Google Scholar
Durante, Castore
1586Tesoro della sanità, nel quale si dà il modo di conservar la sanità et prolungar la vita. Rome: F. Zanetti.Google Scholar
1686A Family-Herbal or the Treasure of Health. London: W. Crooke.Google Scholar
ECCO. Eighteenth Century Collections Online (ECCO)
Erasmus, Desiderius
1537DECLAMATIO IN LAVDEM nobilissimæ artis medicinae. A Declamacion in the prayse and co~me~dation of the most hygh and excellent science of Phisyke. London: Robert Redman.Google Scholar
Falconer, William
1778Observations on Some of the Articles of Diet and Regimen Usually Recommended to Valetudinarians. London: Edward and Charles Dilly. In Estes, J. Worth 1996 “The medical properties of food in the eighteenth century.” Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences 51 (2): 127–154.Google Scholar
Farington, Joseph
[1796] 1979The diary of Joseph Farington, vol. 3, Kenneth Garlick and Angus Macintyre (eds). New Haven and London: Yale University Press.Google Scholar
Forster, William
1746A Treatise on the Causes of Most Diseases. London: J. Clarke, G. Hawkins and W. Reeve.Google Scholar
Freind, John
1703Emmenologia. London: Thomas Bennet.Google Scholar
1725–1726History of Physick. London: J, Walthoe.Google Scholar
Gilbertus Anglicus
1991Compendium Medicinae. In Healing and Society in Medieval England: A Middle English Translation of the Pharmaceutical Writings of Gilbertus Anglicus, F. M. Getz(ed.). Madison: University of Wisconsin Press.Google Scholar
Graham, James
1790The Guardian of Health, Long-Life and Happiness. Newcastle upon Tyne: S. Hodgson.Google Scholar
Grataroli, Gratarolus
1574A Direction for the Health of Magistrates and Studentes. London: William How.Google Scholar
Hoffmann, Friedrich
[1695] 1971Fundamenta Medicinae. London: Macdonald.Google Scholar
King, Edmund
1666Some Considerations Concerning the Parenchymous parts of the Body. Philosophical Transactions 1 (18): 316–320.Google Scholar
1970A Middle English Version of Lanfranc's Chirurgia Parva: The Surgical Part. Ed. by Annika Asplund. 66–95. Stockholm: Stockholm University.Google Scholar
Lémery, Louis
[1702] 1706A Treatise of Foods in General. London: Andrew Bell.Google Scholar
Lind, James
1762An Essay on the Most Effectual Means of Preserving the Health of Seamen. London.Google Scholar
Locke, John
1690An essay concerning humane understanding in four books. London: Printed for Tho. Basset.Google Scholar
The medical register for the year 1783
1783Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh. London: Joseph Johnson.Google Scholar
de Mediolano, Joannes
1528Regimen sanitatis Salerni. London: Thomas Berthelet.Google Scholar
MEMT = Middle English Medical Texts Corpus
2005Compiled by Irma Taavitsainen, Päivi Pahta and Martti Mäkinen. Software by Raymond Hickey. CD-Rom. Amsterdam: John Benjamins Publishing Company.Google Scholar
Miége, Guy
1677A New Dictionary French and English, with another English and French. London.Google Scholar
Mulcaster, Richard
1581The training vp of children, either for skill in their booke, or health in their bodie. Facsimile edition: 1971 Amsterdam/New York: Theatrum Orbis Terrarum and Da Capo Press. (Originally London: Thomas Vautrollier.)Google Scholar
Parker, Samuel
1715An essay upon the duty of Physicians and Patients, the Dignity of Medicine, and the Prudentials of Practice. In two dialogues. London: Printed by G. J. for Henry Clements at the Half-Moon in St. Paul’s Church-Yard.Google Scholar
Pisanelli, Baldassare
1589Trattato de’ cibi et del bere, con molte dotte et belle annotazioni di Francesco Gallina. Carmagnola: Marc’Antonio Bellone.Google Scholar
Power, Henry
1664Experimental Philosophy in three Books: Containing new Experiments Microscopical, Mercurial, Magnetical. London: Roycroft.Google Scholar
Radniczky, Ignatio
1756Specimen Inaugurale Medicum, sistens experimenta quædam, quibus constitit, eas partes esse sensu præditas, quibus Hallerus cum aliis quibusdam omnem sentiendi facultatem cum irratabilitate degenat. Auctore Ignatio Radniczky: Prague.Google Scholar
Secreet Of Secreetes
. Secretum Secretorum: Nine English Versions 1977 Ed. by, M. A Manzalaoui.Early English Text Society 276. Oxford: Oxford University Press.Google Scholar
Sekenesse Of Wymmen
3 1981Medieval Woman's Guide to Health: The First English Gynecological Handbook. Ed. by B. Rowland. 60–74. Kent, OH.: Kent State University Press.Google Scholar
Sinclair, John
1807–1808The Code of Health and Longevity: or, a Concise View of the Principles Calculated for the Preservation of Health and the Attainment of Long Life, vol. 1. Edinburgh: Arch. Constable.Google Scholar
Smith, William
1776A Sure Guide in Sickness and Health, in the Choice of Food, and Use of Medicine. London: J. Bew and J. Walter.Google Scholar
Sprat, T.
2003. [1667] History of the Royal Society of London for the Improving of Natural Knowledge. Facsimile edition: 2003 Whitefish, MT: Kessinger. Originally London: J. Martyn.Google Scholar
Sydenham, Thomas
1695Compleat method of curing. Dr. Sydenham’s Compleat Method OF CURING Almost all DISEASES, AND Description of their Symptoms. London: H. Newman and Rich. Parker.Google Scholar
Tanner, John
1659The Hidden Treasures of the Art of Physic. London.Google Scholar
Thomson, George
1675Orthomethodos Iatro Chimiche, or the Direct Method of Curing Chymically. London: B. Billingsley.Google Scholar
Turner, William
1548The names of herbes in Greke, Latin, Englishe Duche & Frenche wyth the commune names that Herbaries and Apotecaries vse. London: By [S. Mierdman for] John Day and Wyllyam Seres. STC 24359.Google Scholar
Van Helmont, Jan Baptist
1662Oriatrike, or, Physick Refined. London: Lodowick Loyd.Google Scholar
de Vigo, Johannes
1543Most excellent workes of chirurgerye. [London?]: Edwarde Whytchurch.Google Scholar
Wesley, John
[1747] 1880Primitive physic. Chicago: O. W. Gordon.Google Scholar
[1770] 1975Journal entry for 28 June 1770, in The works of John Wesley. Oxford: Clarendon Press, vol. 22. Cited in Grumett, David and Muers, Rachel 1975 Theology on the Menu: Asceticism, Meat and Christian Diet. London: Routledge.Google Scholar
Wilkins, John
1668Essays Towards Real Character and Philosophical Language. London: Gellibrand and John Martyn.Google Scholar
Willis, Thomas
1684Dr. Willis's Practice of Physic. London.Google Scholar
1691A Plain and Easie Method FOR Preserving [by God's Blessing] those that are WELL from the Infection of the PLAGUE, OR Any Contagious Distemper in City, Camp, Fleet, &c. AND For Curing such as are Infected with it. London: Printed: William Crook.Google Scholar