The Mythology of Vincent van Gogh

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Since his death in 1890, numerous myths have arisen about the life and person of Vincent van Gogh. The painter has variously been seen as a misunderstood genius, peintre maudit, martyr, or the tormented soul in search of truth. While some regarded him as an inspired madman, others credited Van Gogh with a profound and lucid artistic vision. The image of the unrecognized master struggling in poverty and obscurity is well-known, but so is Van Gogh's reputation as a major source of inspiration for contemporary and later generations of artists. Van Gogh's letters continue to fascinate generation upon generation. The bookshelves of biographies and the studies of his work reflect this myriad of perspectives, confirming popular images and creating ever new ones. The Mythology of Vincent van Gogh attempts to describe this myth-building process over the past hundred years in Europe, the United States and in Japan. The contributions in this wide-ranging collection catalog the influences of the many images of Van Gogh, not only in art and art criticism, but also in literature, film and the performing arts. References are also made to medical literature, Van Gogh scholarship, forgeries, the organizing of exhibitions, museums and collections, art dealing and auctions. Even peripheral matters, like the rise of the Van Gogh “industry”, are discussed in this rich collective volume. Studies like this usually confine their focus to the field of art and art criticism. The Mythology of Vincent Van Gogh goes beyond the conventional boundaries and stresses the importance in today's multi-media society of the role of film, television, and video in the creation and use of the myths assigned to artists and their work. The effect of mass communication has made a radical change in the public's experience and conception of art. This trend has been reinforced by the growing popularity of art exhibitions and the growth of the tourist industry. More than just a collection of articles inspired by Van Gogh, The Mythology of Vincent van Gogh contains interviews with important film directors and actors; extensive lists of literary works, medical literature, films, dances, operas and music that in one way or another refer to the many myths surrounding Vincent van Gogh and his work. The contribution on forgeries reconsiders the authenticity of several works in private and public collections. Quite exceptionally, many of the forgeries or the so-called doubtful works are reproduced here in colour. The volume includes a bibliography, a chronological table and an index. The wealth of illustration and documentation, combined with its wide scope and the critical assessment of the many aspects of the mythology of Vincent van Gogh make this book an essential source for art historians, libraries, museums, art dealers, and anyone interested in Van Gogh's life and work.
Contributors: Ronald de Leeuw, Shu-ji Takashina, Tsukasa Kōdera, Fred Leeman, Nobuo Nakatani, Andrea Gasten, Evert van Uitert, Sjraar van Heugten, Nagahiro Kinoshita, Kees Pinxteren, Paul Hegeman, Griselda Pollock, Walter Feilchenfeld, Roland Dorn, Jan Hulsker, Elmyra van Dooren, Han van Crimpen, Johannes van der Wolk, Kasumi Fujiwara, Tomoko Saitō, Fieke Pabst.
[Not in series, 67] 1993.  462 pp. 184 color plates/118 bl.wh.ills.
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