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Poznan, 10-12 July 2024

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AIC 20
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Argumentative Style

A pragma-dialectical study of functional variety in argumentative discourse

Frans H. van Eemeren, Bart Garssen, Sara Greco, Ton van Haaften, Nanon Labrie, Fernando Leal and Peng Wu

Argumentative Style discusses the various ways in which the defence of a standpoint is given shape in argumentative discourse. In this innovative study the new notion – ‘argumentative style’ – introduced for this purpose is situated in the theoretical framework of the pragma-dialectical approach to argumentation. This... full description
July 2022. x, 332 pp.
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Authoritarianism on the Front Page

Multimodal discourse and argumentation in times of multiple crises in Greece

Dimitris Serafis

This volume offers a critical discursive-argumentative framework that scrutinizes the discursive construction and, moreover, the argumentative justification of authoritarian attitudes on newspaper front pages in highly polarized times of multiple ‘crises’ in Greece. At the same time, it aspires to outline novel... full description
March 2023. xiv, 181 pp.
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Conspiracy Theory Discourses

Edited by Massimiliano Demata, Virginia Zorzi and Angela Zottola

Conspiracy Theory Discourses addresses a crucial phenomenon in the current political and communicative context: conspiracy theories. The social impact of conspiracy theories is wide-ranging and their influence on the political life of many nations is increasing. Conspiracy Theory Discourses bridges an important gap by... full description
December 2022. x, 509 pp.
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Cultural Linguistics and Critical Discourse Studies

Edited by Monika Reif and Frank Polzenhagen

The present volume explores the meeting ground between Critical Discourse Studies and Cultural Linguistics. The contributions investigate culture-specific conceptualisations, ways of framing and conceptual metaphors in political discourse, as well as cultural models, cultural stereotypes and stereotyping. The... full description
November 2023. v, 212 pp.
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Degrees of European Belonging

The fuzzy areas between us and them

Élisabeth Le

While we tend to divide the world into Us and Them, a number of grey nuances exist beyond this white and black distinction. The purpose of this book is to address the fuzzy areas between Us and Them through the study of European belonging as it is represented in the French elite daily, Le Monde. Corpora collected from... full description
March 2021. xvi, 251 pp.
DS 33
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Disability in Dialogue

Edited by Jessica M.F. Hughes and Mariaelena Bartesaghi

What would it mean to invite disability into dialogue? Disability in Dialogue attunes us to the dialogues of and about disability. In the pages of this book, we ask readers to consider the dialogic constitution of disability and to imagine its reformulation. We find the voices, bodies, social norms, visceral... full description
September 2023. x, 214 pp.
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Discourse Studies in Public Communication

Edited by Eliecer Crespo-Fernández

The collection of articles in Discourse Studies in Public Communication illustrates that public communication is a fascinating, evidence-based storehouse for research in discourse analysis. The contributions to this volume — in the spheres of political rhetoric, gender and sexuality, and corporate and academic... full description
April 2021. viii, 323 pp.
P&bns 341
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Exploring the Ambivalence of Liquid Racism

In between antiracist and racist discourse

Edited by Argiris Archakis and Villy Tsakona

The ongoing migration ‘crisis’ in European countries (2015 to date) has fostered different stances and practices within European nation-states, ranging from xenophobia to solidarity. In this context, two contradictory discourses seem to coexist: the national racist discourse and the humanitarian, antiracist one. This... full description
February 2024. viii, 294 pp.
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Hegemony, Discourse, and Political Strategy

Towards a post-Marxist understanding of contestation and politicization

Thomas Jacobs

Hegemony, Discourse, and Political Strategy revisits a question that has long fascinated socialists, progressives, democrats, Greens, and Marxists – how do left-wing forces win at politics? Thirty-five years ago, Ernesto Laclau and Chantal Mouffe tackled this puzzle in ground-breaking fashion, by drawing on a... full description
October 2022. vi, 234 pp.
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History, Discourse, and Policy in Modern Turkey

Alper Çakmak

Through critical discourse analysis (CDA) and the discourse-historical approach (DHA), this book probes into political discourse imbued with historical legacies, with particular focus on explicating the structure and function of AKP stories and its relationship with Turkish politics. It offers an alternative way of... full description
October 2021. xvi, 212 pp.
P&bns 340
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Language Change in the 20th Century

Exploring micro-diachronic evolutions in Romance languages

Edited by Salvador Pons Bordería and Shima Salameh Jiménez

Language Change in the 20th Century: Exploring micro-diachronic evolutions in Romance languages examines the distinctive features that set the study of the 20th century apart from preceding periods. With a primary focus on Romance languages, including Spanish, Italian, French, and Portuguese, the book advocates for... full description
January 2024. vi, 292 pp.
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Language Policy in Business

Discourse, ideology and practice

Elisabeth Barakos

Language Policy in Business: Discourse, ideology and practice provides a critical sociolinguistic and discursive understanding of language policy in a minority language context. Focusing on Welsh-English bilingualism in private sector businesses in Wales, the book unpacks the circulating discourses, ideologies and... full description
November 2020. xv, 195 pp.
DS 32
Cover not available

Language and Social Interaction at Home and School

Edited by Letizia Caronia

As Ragnar Rommetveit put it forty years ago, dialogue is “the architecture of intersubjectivity”: a tool not only for maintaining yet also constantly transforming our life-worlds. The volume advances and empirically illustrates the role of talk-in-interaction in displaying, ratifying, creating yet also defying the... full description
October 2021. vi, 385 pp.
Cover not available

The Language of Crisis

Metaphors, frames and discourses

Edited by Mimi Huang and Lise-Lotte Holmgreen

In times of crisis, how do people conceptualise and communicate their experiences through different forms and channels? How can original research in cognitive linguistics, discourse analysis and crisis studies advance our understanding of the ways in which we interact with and communicate about crisis events? In... full description
July 2020. viii, 309 pp.
P&bns 339
Cover not available

Manufacturing Dissent

Manipulation and counter-manipulation in times of crisis

Edited by Cornelia Ilie

Spotlighting case studies of manipulation practices at the onset of the Covid-19 crisis in different countries and socio-political circumstances, the authors expose context-specific discourse and argumentation strategies of 'infodemics’ (misleading information and fake news), public policy mismanagement, deceptive... full description
January 2024. vi, 311 pp.
P&bns 333
Cover not available

Multimodal Im/politeness

Signed, spoken, written

Edited by Andreas H. Jucker, Iris Hübscher and Lucien Brown

Politeness and impoliteness are not just expressed by words. People communicate polite and impolite attitudes towards each other through their intonation, tone of voice, their facial expressions, their gestures, the positioning of their bodies towards each other, and so on. This volume brings together eleven empirical... full description
February 2023. vii, 360 pp.
Cover not available

Multimodal Performance and Interaction in Focus Groups

Kristin Enola Gilbert and Gregory Matoesian

Focus group interviews have seen explosive growth in recent years. They provide evaluations of social science, educational, and marketing projects by soliciting opinions from a number of participants on a given topic. However, there is more to the focus group than soliciting mere opinions. Moving beyond a narrow... full description
January 2021. xi, 190 pp.
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Participation, Engagement and Collaboration in Newsmaking

A postfoundational perspective

Edited by Jana Declercq, Geert Jacobs, Felicitas Macgilchrist and Astrid Vandendaele

This book brings together new research on the practices of newsmaking. Participation, engagement and collaboration have long been heralded as a vision, goal or emerging practice in the news. The claim in this volume is that they have now become sedimented as the common-sense baseline for everyday newsmaking routines.... full description
November 2021. vi, 186 pp.
Cover not available

Politics, Ethnicity and the Postcolonial Nation

A critical analysis of political discourse in the Caribbean

Eleonora Esposito

This book explores the politics of ethnicity and nationalism in the Caribbean from a critical discourse-analytical perspective. Focusing on political communication in Trinidad and Tobago, it offers unique socio-political insights into one of the most complex and diverse countries of the Archipelago. Through a detailed... full description
May 2021. xvii, 207 pp.
P&bns 338
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A Pragmatic Agenda for Healthcare

Fostering inclusion and active participation through shared understanding

Edited by Sarah Bigi and Maria Grazia Rossi

This volume addresses the issue of pragmatic meaning and interpretation in communication contexts regarding health and does so by combining a series of diverse and complementary approaches, which together highlight the relevance of successfully shared understanding to achieve more accessible, inclusive, and... full description
November 2023. vi, 397 pp.
P&bns 337
Cover not available

Pragmatics and Translation

Edited by Miriam A. Locher, Daria Dayter and Thomas C. Messerli

This volume presents innovative research on the interface between pragmatics and translation. Taking a broad understanding of translation, papers are presented in four different parts. Part I focuses on interpreting; Part II centers on the translation of fictional and non-fictional texts and spaces; Part III discusses... full description
September 2023. vii, 336 pp.
P&bns 335
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The Pragmatics of Humour in Interactive Contexts

Edited by Esther Linares Bernabéu

Recent years have seen a burgeoning interest in interactional humour from social and pragmatic perspectives, with fascinating results. Released more than a decade later than Norrick and Chiaro (2009) Humor in Interaction, The Pragmatics of Humour in Interactive Contexts gathers some of the most recent work on humour... full description
May 2023. vi, 239 pp.
P&bns 343
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The Pragmatics of Hypocrisy

Edited by Sandrine Sorlin and Tuija Virtanen

As a first attempt to date, this book addresses the notion of hypocrisy from a pragmatic perspective and devises a comprehensive model of verbal hypocrisy. The studies included adopt emic and etic approaches in order to contribute jointly towards an understanding of what appears to be a ubiquitous and multifaceted... full description
March 2024. viii, 268 pp.
Cover not available

Remedies against the Pandemic

How politicians communicate crisis management

Edited by Nadine Thielemann and Daniel Weiss

The present volume offers a fresh perspective on political top-down crisis communication across several countries during the first two years of the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes how leaders address the growing awareness of the dangerous impact of social restrictions, along with the controversies surrounding the... full description
July 2023. vi, 301 pp.
AIC 21
Cover not available

Responding to Questions at Press Conferences

Confrontational maneuvering by Chinese spokespersons

Peng Wu

Responding to Questions at Press Conferences makes clear how the spokespersons at China’s diplomatic press conferences maneuver strategically in defining the issues in the empirical counterpart of the confrontation stage when responding to the journalists’ questions and how this confrontational maneuvering is meant to... full description
March 2023. xiv, 188 pp.
P&bns 334
Cover not available

Revisiting Sentence Adverbials and Relevance

Irina T. Pandarova

This book offers a fresh take on several long-standing issues relating to the (non-)truth-conditional interpretation of epistemic, evidential, hearsay and attitudinal sentence adverbials. Drawing on a wealth of data from English and German, it shows for the first time that all four adverbial classes can have both... full description
June 2023. ix, 254 pp.
P&bns 336
Cover not available

Risk Discourse and Responsibility

Edited by Annelie Ädel and Jan-Ola Östman

The widespread view that risk is highly relevant in late modern societies has also meant that the very study of risk has become central in many areas of social studies. The key aim of this book is to establish Risk Discourse as a field of research of its own in language studies. Risk Discourse is introduced as a field... full description
July 2023. vii, 260 pp.
Cover not available

Science Communication in Times of Crisis

Edited by Pascal Hohaus

This volume addresses demands on external and internal science communication in times of crisis. The contributions discuss present crises such as COVID-19 (e.g. vaccination campaigns or political reactions towards the pandemic in the context of science scepticism), and climate change (e.g. plausibility judgements or... full description
August 2022. vi, 222 pp.
P&bns 342
Cover not available

Self- and Other-Reference in Social Contexts

From global to local discourses

Edited by Minna Nevala and Minna Palander-Collin

The chapters in this volume study the construction, representation and negotiation of a variety of social roles through self- and other-reference markers or the discussion of reference as a tool for identification. The chapters uncover new insights both from a historical and present-day perspective and show how... full description
March 2024. v, 195 pp.
Cover not available

Social Media and Society

Integrating the digital with the social in digital discourse

Edited by Majid KhosraviNik

Social Media and Society brings together a range of scholars working at the intersection of discourse studies, digital media, and society. It is meant to respond to changes in discourse technologies, i.e. the techno-discursive dynamic of social media discourses. The book critically engages with the digital dynamics of... full description
April 2023. v, 210 pp.
Cover not available

Speaking for the Nation

Intellectuals and nation-building in the post-Yugoslav space

Federico Giulio Sicurella

The book explores the nexus of intellectual activity and nation-building from a critical discourse-analytical perspective. By examining how public intellectuals from Serbia, Croatia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina commented on key national events in editorials and opinion pieces, it offers unique insights into... full description
June 2020. xi, 236 pp.
Cover not available

Voices of Supporters

Populist parties, social media and the 2019 European elections

Veronika Koller, Natalia Borza, Massimiliano Demata, Laura Filardo-Llamas, Anna W. Gustafsson, Susanne Kopf, Marlene Miglbauer, Valeria Reggi, Ljiljana Šarić, Charlotta Seiler Brylla and Maria Stopfner

This book addresses an under-researched area within populism studies: the discourse of supporters of populist parties. Taking the 2019 European elections as their case study, the authors analyse how supporters in eleven different countries construct identities and voting motivations on social media. The individual... full description
September 2023. vi, 333 pp.