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ICAME 43 (ICAME 2022)

Cambridge, UK, 27-30 July 2022

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SCL 95
Cover not available

Advances in Corpus-based Research on Academic Writing

Effects of discipline, register, and writer expertise

Edited by Ute Römer, Viviana Cortes and Eric Friginal

This volume showcases some of the latest research on academic writing by leading and up-and-coming corpus linguists. The studies included in the volume are based on a wide range of corpora spanning first and second language academic writing at different levels of writing expertise, containing texts from a variety of... full description
February 2020. vi, 358 pp.
Z 231
Cover not available

The Art and Architecture of Academic Writing

Patricia Prinz and Birna Arnbjörnsdóttir

This book is a bridge to confident academic writing for advanced non-native English users. It emphasizes depth over breadth through mastery of core writing competencies and strategies which apply to most academic disciplines and genres. Tailored to students in EMI programs, the content was piloted and revised during a... full description
September 2021. x, 299 pp.
SCL 102
Cover not available

Beyond Concordance Lines

Corpora in language education

Edited by Pascual Pérez-Paredes and Geraldine Mark

In over 30 years of data-driven learning (DDL) research, there has been a growing sophistication in the ways we collect, analyse, and put corpus data to use. This volume takes a three-fold perspective on DDL. It first looks at DDL and its role in informing language learning theory and how it might shed light on the... full description
December 2021. ix, 255 pp.
SLCS 220
Cover not available

Building Categories in Interaction

Linguistic resources at work

Edited by Caterina Mauri, Ilaria Fiorentini and Eugenio Goria

This book addresses the topic of linguistic categorization from a novel perspective. While most of the early research has focused on how linguistic systems reflect some pre-existing ways of categorizing experience, the contributions included in this volume seek to understand how linguistic resources of various nature... full description
December 2021. vi, 467 pp.
SCL 99
Cover not available

Conjunctive Markers of Contrast in English and French

From syntax to lexis and discourse

Maïté Dupont

Situated at the interface between corpus linguistics and Systemic Functional Linguistics, this volume focuses on conjunctive markers expressing contrast in English and French. The frequency and placement patterns of the markers are analysed using large corpora of texts from two written registers: newspaper editorials... full description
June 2021. xvii, 436 pp.
BCT 122
Cover not available

Construction Grammar across Borders

Edited by Tiago Timponi Torrent, Ely Edison da Silva Matos and Natália Sathler Sigiliano

Since its foundation in the 1980's, Construction Grammar has been crossing the traditionally imposed borders. From superimposed levels of analysis to the lexicon-grammar continuum, the constructionist approach to language has been built by, quoting Charles Fillmore, "the insistence on seeing specific grammatical... full description
July 2022. v, 174 pp.
SCL 96
Cover not available

Corpora and the Changing Society

Studies in the evolution of English

Edited by Paula Rautionaho, Arja Nurmi and Juhani Klemola

This book showcases eleven studies dealing with corpora and the changing society. The theme of the volume reflects the fact that changes in society lead to changes in language and vice versa. Focusing on the English language, be it from Old English to the present, or a shorter time span in the immediate past, the... full description
April 2020. xii, 305 pp.
SCL 100
Cover not available

Corpora, Constructions, New Englishes

A constructional and variationist approach to verb patterning

Samantha Laporte

This book takes an integrated approach to the fields of Corpus Linguistics, Construction Grammar, and World Englishes through a thorough constructional and corpus-based examination of the patterning of the versatile high-frequency verb make in British English and New Englishes. It contributes to Construction Grammar... full description
July 2021. xxii, 395 pp.
BCT 119
Cover not available

Corpus Approaches to Language, Thought and Communication

Edited by Wei-lun Lu, Naděžda Kudrnáčová and Laura A. Janda

The studies in the present volume illustrate the current state-of-the-art in the corpus-based approach in cognitive linguistics, which seeks to motivate linguistic phenomena through the combination of quantitative and qualitative analysis. By focusing on language use in different contexts from a variety of... full description
August 2021. v, 157 pp.
SCL 98
Cover not available

Corpus Approaches to Social Media

Edited by Sofia Rüdiger and Daria Dayter

From Twitter to Reddit, Facebook, and WhatsApp – social media is a part of modern everyday life. Studying the language used on social media platforms presents great opportunities as well as challenges to corpus linguists. The contributions in Corpus Approaches to Social Media address technical, ethical, and... full description
November 2020. vi, 210 pp.
SCL 103
Cover not available

Corpus-based Approaches to Register Variation

Edited by Elena Seoane and Douglas Biber

As the first collective volume to focus exclusively on corpus-based approaches to register variation, this book provides an exhaustive account of the range and depth of possibilities that the domain of register variation in English has to offer. It illustrates register variation analysis in different theoretical... full description
December 2021. xi, 341 pp.
BCT 113
Cover not available

Diachronic Treebanks for Historical Linguistics

Edited by Hanne Martine Eckhoff, Silvia Luraghi and Marco Passarotti

Over the last few decades, the widespread diffusion of digital technology has increased availability of primary textual sources, radically changing the everyday life of scholars in the humanities, who are now able to access, query and process a wealth of empirical evidence in ways not possible before.Also for ancient... full description
August 2020. v, 154 pp.
CAL 33
Cover not available

Discourse Structuring Markers in English

A historical constructionalist perspective on pragmatics

Elizabeth Closs Traugott

This book is a contribution to the growing field of diachronic construction grammar. Focus is on corpus evidence for the importance of including conventionalized pragmatics within construction grammar and suggestions for how to do so. The empirical domain is the development of Discourse Structuring Markers in English... full description
March 2022. xviii, 274 pp.
Cover not available

Earlier North American Englishes

Edited by Merja Kytö and Lucia Siebers

Varieties of English in the U.S. and Canada display fascinating developments from colonial times up until the twenty-first century. To throw light on the linguistics of North American Englishes and their socio-historical contexts, this volume brings together research from various traditions, including corpus... full description
July 2022. viii, 261 pp.
SLCS 221
Cover not available

English Noun Phrases from a Functional-Cognitive Perspective

Current issues

Edited by Lotte Sommerer and Evelien Keizer

Despite a significant increase in interest over the last two decades in the English Noun Phrase, there are still many open questions and unexplored issues. The papers collected in this volume contribute to this ongoing research by addressing a range of topics concerning the internal structure, use and development of... full description
January 2022. vii, 433 pp.
Impact 51
Cover not available

English Rock and Pop Performances

A sociolinguistic investigation of British and American language perceptions and attitudes

Lisa Jansen

This book addresses the phenomenon of non-American rock and pop singers emulating an Americanized singing style for performance purposes. By taking a novel approach to this pop cultural trend and drawing attention to the audience, British and American students’ perceptions of English rock and pop performances were... full description
March 2022. ix, 188 pp. + index
SLCS 223
Cover not available

Extravagant Morphology

Studies in rule-bending, pattern-extending and theory-challenging morphology

Edited by Matthias Eitelmann and Dagmar Haumann

Taking extra-vagans literally (Lat. ‘wandering outside, out of bounds’), this volume comprises nine case studies on extravagant morphology ranging from pattern-extending derivational processes via theory-challenging compounding processes to interface-straddling morphosyntactic phenomena. As a heuristic approach,... full description
March 2022. v, 258 pp.
Cover not available

Genre in World Englishes

Case studies from the Caribbean

Susanne Mühleisen

World Englishes and English in postcolonial contexts have been curiously neglected in an otherwise abundant research literature on text types and genres in English. This volume looks at the adaptation, transformation and emergence of genres in the particular cultural context of the Anglophone Caribbean. A... full description
July 2022. viii, 229 pp.
Z 232
Cover not available

Grammar of Spoken and Written English

Douglas Biber, Stig Johansson, Geoffrey N. Leech, Susan Conrad and Edward Finegan

The completely redesigned Grammar of Spoken and Written English is a comprehensive corpus-based reference grammar. GSWE describes the structural characteristics of grammatical constructions in English, as do other reference grammars. But GSWE is unique in that it gives equal attention to describing the patterns of... full description
November 2021. xxxv, 1220 pp.
SCL 94
Cover not available

In Search of Basic Units of Spoken Language

A corpus-driven approach

Edited by Shlomo Izre'el, Heliana Mello, Alessandro Panunzi and Tommaso Raso

What is the best way to analyze spontaneous spoken language? In their search for the basic units of spoken language the authors of this volume opt for a corpus-driven approach. They share a strong conviction that prosodic structure is essential for the study of spoken discourse and each bring their own theoretical and... full description
June 2020. xi, 440 pp.
SLCS 214
Cover not available

Late Modern English

Novel encounters

Edited by Merja Kytö and Erik Smitterberg

The past few decades have witnessed an unprecedented surge of interest in the language of the Late Modern English period. Late Modern English: Novel Encounters covers a broad range of topics addressed by international experts in fields such as phonology, morphology, syntax, lexis, spelling and pragmatics; this makes... full description
March 2020. vii, 359 pp.
SLCS 218
Cover not available

Lost in Change

Causes and processes in the loss of grammatical elements and constructions

Edited by Svenja Kranich and Tine Breban

While research on language change has formulated robust empirical generalisations about processes and motivations underlying the emergence and spread of linguistic elements, their decline and loss is less well understood. So far a systematic investigation into the processes and motivations of decline and loss in... full description
June 2021. vi, 366 pp.
Z 233
Cover not available

Measuring Native-Speaker Vocabulary Size

I.S.P. Nation and Averil Coxhead

Estimating native-speaker vocabulary size is important for guiding interventions to support native-speaker vocabulary growth and for setting goals for learners of English as a foreign language. Unfortunately, the measurement of native-speaker vocabulary size has been one of the most methodologically contentious areas... full description
February 2021. xiii, 160 pp.
CAL 32
Cover not available

Modality and Diachronic Construction Grammar

Edited by Martin Hilpert, Bert Cappelle and Ilse Depraetere

This volume explores how Diachronic Construction Grammar can shed new light on changes in a central and well-researched domain of grammar, namely modality. Its main goal is to show how constructional analyses can help us address some of the long-standing questions that have informed discussions of modal expressions... full description
October 2021. v, 251 pp.
NLP 13
Cover not available

Negation and Speculation Detection

Noa P. Cruz Díaz and Manuel J. Maña López

Negation and speculation detection is an emerging topic that has attracted the attention of many researchers, and there is clearly a lack of relevant textbooks and survey texts. This book aims to define negation and speculation from a natural language processing perspective, to explain the need for processing these... full description
February 2019. ix, 95 pp.
SLCS 224
Cover not available

Particles in German, English, and Beyond

Edited by Remus Gergel, Ingo Reich and Augustin Speyer

Germanic languages have been recognized as having not only intensifying or focus particles, but also so-called modal particles. The relevant items are specialized discourse markers joined by characteristic syntactic properties. After an introductory overview of the complex field, the contributions of the current... full description
August 2022. vi, 382 pp.
SLCS 222
Cover not available

Pejorative Suffixes and Combining Forms in English

José A. Sánchez Fajardo

The book is a research monograph that reviews and revises the concept of linguistic pejoration, and explores the role of 15 suffixes and combining forms, such as -ie, -o, -ard, -holic, -rrhea, -itis, -porn, -ish, in the formation of English pejoratives. The examination of the inner structure of the resulting... full description
February 2022. xvi, 229 pp.
SLCS 217
Cover not available

The Perfect Volume

Papers on the perfect

Edited by Kristin Melum Eide and Marc Fryd

Drawing on the data and history from a wide range of languages, from Atayal to Zapotec, this volume brings together leading scholars in the field of tense and aspect research resulting in 18 contributions on the perfect and some of its close relatives (e.g. iamitives). Different approaches complement each other to... full description
July 2021. vii, 485 pp.
Z 229
Cover not available

Professional Development in Applied Linguistics

A guide to success for graduate students and early career faculty

Edited by Luke Plonsky

Success in academia requires more than an understanding of discipline-specific literature and an ability to teach and do research. It is also necessary to develop an understanding of a range of professionally-oriented skills such as how to identify and apply to doctoral programs, how to make the most of conferences,... full description
July 2020. vi, 204 pp.
SLCS 216
Cover not available

Re-Assessing Modalising Expressions

Categories, co-text, and context

Edited by Pascal Hohaus and Rainer Schulze

Mood, modality and evidentiality are popular and dynamic areas in linguistics. Re-Assessing Modalising Expressions – Categories, co-text, and context focuses on the specific issue of the ways language users express permission, obligation, volition (intention), possibility and ability, necessity and prediction... full description
November 2020. vi, 344 pp.
SLCS 219
Cover not available

Studies at the Grammar-Discourse Interface

Discourse markers and discourse-related grammatical phenomena

Edited by Alexander Haselow and Sylvie Hancil

This book investigates phenomena at the grammar–discourse interface with a strong focus on discourse markers, whose development and concrete uses in a given language tend to be based on a close interplay of grammatical and discourse-related forces. The topics range from the transition of linguistic signs “out of”... full description
June 2021. vi, 354 pp.
NLP 14
Cover not available

The Swedish FrameNet++

Harmonization, integration, method development and practical language technology applications

Edited by Dana Dannélls, Lars Borin and Karin Friberg Heppin

Large computational lexicons are central NLP resources. Swedish FrameNet++ aims to be a versatile full-scale lexical resource for NLP containing many kinds of linguistic information. Although focused on Swedish, this ongoing effort, which includes building a new Swedish framenet and recycling existing lexicons, has... full description
November 2021. xiv, 333 pp.
BCT 108
Cover not available

Tense and Aspect in Second Language Acquisition and Learner Corpus Research

Edited by Robert Fuchs and Valentin Werner

The expression of temporal relations, notably through tense and aspect, is central in all processes of communication, but commonly perceived and described as a major hurdle for non-native speakers. While this topic has already received considerable attention in the SLA literature, it features less prominently in... full description
July 2020. v, 161 pp.
SCL 101
Cover not available

Time in Languages, Languages in Time

Edited by Anna Čermáková, Thomas Egan, Hilde Hasselgård and Sylvi Rørvik

This volume comprises a collection of contrastive studies on language and time. Languages represented include Czech, French, German, Mandarin, Norwegian and Swedish, all of which are contrasted with English. While the amount of published research on temporal relations in general is considerable, less work has been... full description
September 2021. vi, 307 pp.
Z 228
Cover not available

Visual Linguistics with R

A practical introduction to quantitative Interactional Linguistics

Christoph Rühlemann

This book is a textbook on R, a programming language and environment for statistical analysis and visualization. Its primary aim is to introduce R as a research instrument in quantitative Interactional Linguistics. Focusing on visualization in R, the book presents original case studies on conversational... full description
July 2020. ix, 258 pp.
SCL 97
Cover not available

Voices Past and Present - Studies of Involved, Speech-related and Spoken Texts

In honor of Merja Kytö

Edited by Ewa Jonsson and Tove Larsson

This volume provides a diachronic and synchronic overview of linguistic variability and change in involved, speech-related and spoken texts in English. While previous works on the topic have focused on more limited time periods, this book covers data from the 16th century up to the present day. The studies offer new... full description
October 2020. xiii, 348 pp.