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PALA 2024

Sheffield, 24-25 June 2024

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Children's Cultures after Childhood

Edited by Justyna Deszcz-Tryhubczak and Macarena García-González

Children’s Cultures after Childhood introduces theoretical concepts from new materialist and posthumanist childhood studies into research on children’s literature, film, and media texts with attention to the entanglements of which they are part. Thirteen chapters by international contributors from diverse disciplinary... full description
August 2023. x, 220 pp.
LAL 26
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Cognitive Grammar in Contemporary Fiction

Chloe Harrison

This book proposes an extension of Cognitive Grammar (Langacker 1987, 1991, 2008) towards a cognitive discourse grammar, through the unique environment that literary stylistic application offers. Drawing upon contemporary research in cognitive stylistics (Text World Theory, deixis and mind-modelling, amongst others),... full description
May 2017. ix, 164 pp.
LAL 31
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Cognitive Rhetoric

The cognitive poetics of political discourse

Sam Browse

This book sets out a framework for investigating audience responses to political discourse. It starts from the premise that audiences are active participants who bring their own background knowledge and political standpoint to the communicative event. To operationalise this perspective, the volume draws on concepts... full description
October 2018. xi, 235 pp.
LAL 40
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Creative Writing Across the Curriculum

Meaningful literacy for college writers across disciplines, languages, and identities

Justin Nicholes

Situated among fields (applied linguistics, creative writing studies, writing studies), this book empirically explores the language of writers in contexts of learning externalized in literary genres. At its core, this book features linguistic and thematic analysis of the writing and reflections of adults who... full description
November 2022. xvii, 225 pp.
SiN 27
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Discursive Navigation of Employable Identities in the Narratives of Former Refugees

Emily Greenbank

Incorporating both interview and workplace data, this book examines the discursive and social challenges that former refugees encounter as they navigate successes and failures in the New Zealand labour market. Over five chapters of microlevel discourse analysis – drawing on Bamberg & Georgakopoulou’s (2008)... full description
June 2020. x, 228 pp.
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Emotion in Texts for Children and Young Adults

Moving stories

Edited by Karen Coats and Gretchen Papazian

Emotion in Texts for Children and Young Adults: Moving stories takes up key issues in affect studies while putting forward new approaches and ways of thinking about the intricate entanglements of emotion, affect, and story in relation to the functions, processes, and influences of texts designed for youth. With an... full description
January 2023. x, 242 pp.
LAL 32
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Experiencing Fictional Worlds

Edited by Benedict Neurohr and Lizzie Stewart-Shaw

Experiencing Fictional Worlds is not only the title of this book, but a challenge to reveal exactly what makes the “experience” of literature. This volume presents contributions drawing upon a range of theories and frameworks based on the text-as-world metaphor. This text-world approach is fruitfully applied to a wide... full description
February 2019. xiii, 228 pp.
LAL 29
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Free Indirect Style in Modernism

Representations of consciousness

Eric Rundquist

Free Indirect Style (FIS) is a linguistic technique that defies the logic of human subjectivity by enabling readers to directly observe the subjective experiences of third-person characters. This book consolidates the existing literary-linguistic scholarship on FIS into a theory that is based around one of its most... full description
November 2017. xvii, 197 pp.
SiN 26
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Intercultural Experience in Narrative

Expatriate stories from a multicultural workplace

Michał Wilczewski

This book systematically investigates intercultural experiences of Polish managers and specialists delegated by their multinational company (MNC) on an international assignment to China. The book employs narrative inquiry to explore language, intercultural communication, collaboration, learning, and expatriate... full description
November 2019. xix, 325 pp.
LAL 33
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Intertextuality in Practice

Jessica Mason

The books we’ve read, the films we’ve seen, the stories we’ve heard - and just as importantly the ones we haven’t – form an integral part of our identity. Recognising a reference to a text can result in feelings of pleasure, expertise and even smugness; being lost as to a reference’s possible significance can lead to... full description
September 2019. xi, 204 pp.
LAL 37
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Language in Place

Stylistic perspectives on landscape, place and environment

Edited by Daniela Francesca Virdis, Elisabetta Zurru and Ernestine Lahey

The contributions in this collection offer a wide range of stylistic perspectives on landscape, place and environment, by focusing on a variety of text-types ranging from poetry, the Bible, fictional and non-fictional prose, to newspaper articles, condo names, online texts and exhibitions. Employing both established... full description
April 2021. vii, 258 pp.
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Learning to Read, Learning Religion

Catechism primers in Europe from the sixteenth to the nineteenth centuries

Edited by Britta Juska-Bacher, M.O. Grenby, Tuija Laine and Wendelin Sroka

Catechism primers are inconspicuous but telling little books for children combining the teaching of reading skills and religious catechesis. From the 16th to the 19th centuries, they have been produced, disseminated and used in huge numbers in many regions of the world, in particular in Europe. Remarkably, similar... full description
January 2023. xix, 375 pp.
LAL 41
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A Life with Poetry

The development of poetic literacy

Joan Peskin and David I. Hanauer

This volume examines the development of poetic literacy including the specific processes used by expert poetry readers and professional poets. In doing so it provides a much needed synthesis of research findings across diverse domains such as human development, the scientific study of literature, cognitive psychology,... full description
February 2023. x, 194 pp.
LAL 27
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Narrative Absorption

Edited by Frank Hakemulder, Moniek M. Kuijpers, Ed S. Tan, Katalin Bálint and Miruna M. Doicaru

Narrative Absorption brings together research from the social sciences and Humanities to solve a number of mysteries: Most of us will have had those moments, of being totally absorbed in a book, a movie, or computer game. Typically we do not have any idea about how we ended up in such a state. Nor do we fully realize... full description
November 2017. ix, 319 pp.
LAL 38
Cover not available

Negation, Expectation and Ideology in Written Texts

A textual and communicative perspective

Lisa Nahajec

During an election campaign in 2008, Ken Livingstone said to a newspaper reporter “this election is not a joke”. By doing so, he introduced an expectation into the discourse that someone does, in fact, think it is a joke. This book explores how it is that saying what is not the case communicates something about what... full description
June 2021. xiii, 218 pp.
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Photography in Children's Literature

Edited by Elina Druker and Bettina Kümmerling-Meibauer

Photography in Children’s Literature is the first international study that examines the wide array of artistic techniques, topics, and genres used within photographic books for children. Covering a time period from the 1870s to the 1980s, the collection offers multifaceted insights into changing perceptions of... full description
September 2023. xv, 306 pp.
FTL 15
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Poetic Metaphors

Creativity and interpretation

Carina Rasse

Poetry pushes metaphor to the limit. Consider how many different, dynamic, and interconnected dimensions (e.g., text, rhyme, rhythm, sound, and many more) a poem has, and how they all play a role in the ways (metaphorical) meaning is constructed. There is probably no other genre that relies so much on the creator’s... full description
June 2022. xvii, 190 pp.
LAL 35
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Pragmatics and Literature

Edited by Siobhan Chapman and Billy Clark

Pragmatics and Literature is an important collection of new work by leading practitioners working at the interface between pragmatic theory and literary analysis. The individual studies collected here draw on a variety of theoretical approaches and are concerned with a range of literary genres. All have a shared focus... full description
December 2019. xiv, 225 pp.
LAL 30
Cover not available

The Pragmatics of Irony and Banter

Edited by Manuel Jobert and Sandrine Sorlin

The Pragmatics of Irony and Banter is the first book-length study analysing irony and banter together. This approach, inherited from Geoffrey Leech’s research, implies that the two notions are intrinsically related. In this thought-provoking volume, the various contributors (linguists, stylisticians, discourse... full description
April 2018. vi, 221 pp.
LAL 39
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Sound–Emotion Interaction in Poetry

Rhythm, Phonemes, Voice Quality

Reuven Tsur † and Chen Gafni

This book is a collection of studies providing a unique view on two central aspects of poetry: sounds and emotive qualities, with emphasis on their interactions. The book addresses various theoretical and methodological issues related to topics like sound symbolism, poetic prosody, and voice quality in recited poetry.... full description
June 2022. xv, 448 pp.
LAL 36
Cover not available

Style and Reader Response

Minds, media, methods

Edited by Alice Bell, Sam Browse, Alison Gibbons and David Peplow

Style and Reader Response: Minds, media, methods profiles the diversity of theoretical and methodological approaches in reception-oriented research in stylistics. Collectively, the chapters investigate how real readers, players, audiences, and viewers respond to, experience, and interpret texts. Contributions to the... full description
February 2021. vii, 236 pp.
LAL 34
Cover not available

Style, Rhetoric and Creativity in Language

In memory of Walter (Bill) Nash (1926-2015)

Edited by Paul Simpson

This commemorative volume comprises ten essays which celebrate the work of Walter (Bill) Nash. Bill Nash was an extraordinary scholar – a classicist, parodist, critic, musician, linguist, poet, polyglot, humourist and novelist. He was as adroit in his reading of the Old Norse sagas as he was in his analyses of the... full description
November 2019. ix, 205 pp.
LAL 28
Cover not available

The Stylistics of Landscapes, the Landscapes of Stylistics

Edited by John Douthwaite, Daniela Francesca Virdis and Elisabetta Zurru

In treating the topic of the landscapes of stylistics, this book provides a series of chapters which deal not only with physical landscapes but also with social, mental, historical portraits of places, people and society. The chapters demonstrate that all texts project a worldview, even when the content appears to be... full description
December 2017. vii, 238 pp.
LAL 42
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Transformative Reading

Olivia Fialho

Transformative Reading belongs to a growing tradition of studies investigating the functions of aesthetic experiences in our lives. Philosophers, literary theorists, and psychologists have suggested that aesthetic experiences implicate and develop our sense of ourselves. Literary texts, as one such experience,... full description
Expected July 2024. xii, 259 pp. + index
Cover not available

Transnational Books for Children 1750-1900

Producers, consumers, encounters

Edited by Charlotte Appel, Nina Christensen and M.O. Grenby

This is the first study to take a comprehensive look at transnational children’s literature in the period before 1900. The chapters examine what we mean by ‘children’s literature’ in this period, as well as what we mean by ‘transnational’ in the context of children’s culture. They investigate who transmitted... full description
August 2023. xv, 388 pp.
Cover not available

Washing the Brain – Metaphor and Hidden Ideology

Andrew Goatly

Contemporary metaphor theory has recently begun to address the relation between metaphor, culture and ideology. In this wide-ranging book, Andrew Goatly, using lexical data from his database Metalude, investigates how conceptual metaphor themes construct our thinking and social behaviour in fields as diverse as... full description
January 2007. xvii, 431 pp.