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Sociolinguistics Symposium 2021 (e-SS23)

Hong Kong, 7-10 June 2021

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P&bns 318
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Approaches to Internet Pragmatics

Theory and practice

Edited by Chaoqun Xie, Francisco Yus and Hartmut Haberland

Internet-mediated communication is pervasive nowadays, in an age in which many people shy away from physical settings and often rely, instead, on social media and messaging apps for their everyday communicative needs. Since pragmatics deals with communication in context and how more gets communicated than is said (or... full description
April 2021. vii, 348 pp.
Z 231
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The Art and Architecture of Academic Writing

Patricia Prinz and Birna Arnbjörnsdóttir

This book is a bridge to confident academic writing for advanced non-native English users. It emphasizes depth over breadth through mastery of core writing competencies and strategies which apply to most academic disciplines and genres. Tailored to students in EMI programs, the content was piloted and revised during a... full description
September 2021. x, 299 pp.
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Complimenting Behavior and (Self-)Praise across Social Media

New contexts and new insights

Edited by María Elena Placencia and Zohreh R. Eslami

The present volume focuses on complimenting behavior, including the awarding of (self-)praise, as manifested on social media. These commonplace activities have been found to fulfil a wide range of functions in face-to-face interaction, discoursal and relational amongst others. However, even though the giving of... full description
December 2020. xi, 315 pp. + index
SCL 96
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Corpora and the Changing Society

Studies in the evolution of English

Edited by Paula Rautionaho, Arja Nurmi and Juhani Klemola

This book showcases eleven studies dealing with corpora and the changing society. The theme of the volume reflects the fact that changes in society lead to changes in language and vice versa. Focusing on the English language, be it from Old English to the present, or a shorter time span in the immediate past, the... full description
April 2020. xii, 305 pp.
SCL 98
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Corpus Approaches to Social Media

Edited by Sofia Rüdiger and Daria Dayter

From Twitter to Reddit, Facebook, and WhatsApp – social media is a part of modern everyday life. Studying the language used on social media platforms presents great opportunities as well as challenges to corpus linguists. The contributions in Corpus Approaches to Social Media address technical, ethical, and... full description
November 2020. vi, 210 pp.
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Degrees of European Belonging

The fuzzy areas between us and them

Élisabeth Le

While we tend to divide the world into Us and Them, a number of grey nuances exist beyond this white and black distinction. The purpose of this book is to address the fuzzy areas between Us and Them through the study of European belonging as it is represented in the French elite daily, Le Monde. Corpora collected from... full description
March 2021. xvi, 251 pp.
Z 232
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Grammar of Spoken and Written English

Douglas Biber, Stig Johansson, Geoffrey N. Leech, Susan Conrad and Edward Finegan

The completely redesigned Grammar of Spoken and Written English is a comprehensive corpus-based reference grammar. GSWE describes the structural characteristics of grammatical constructions in English, as do other reference grammars. But GSWE is unique in that it gives equal attention to describing the patterns of... full description
November 2021. xxxv, 1220 pp.
Impact 48
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Grammatical and Sociolinguistic Aspects of Ethiopian Languages

Edited by Derib Ado, Almaz Wasse Gelagay and Janne Bondi Johannessen †

The focus of this unique publication is on Ethiopian languages and linguistics. Not only major languages such as Amharic and Oromo receive attention, but also lesser studied ones like Sezo and Nuer are dealt with. The Gurage languages, that often present a descriptive and sociolinguistic puzzle to researchers, have... full description
April 2021. viii, 415 pp.
Impact 50
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Language Contact in the Territory of the Former Soviet Union

Edited by Diana Forker and Lenore A. Grenoble

The former Soviet Union (USSR) provides the ideal territory for studying language contact between one and the same dominant language (Russian) and a wide range of genealogically and typologically diverse languages with varying histories of language contact. This is the first book that bundles different case studies... full description
June 2021. vi, 386 pp.
Cover not available

Language Policy in Business

Discourse, ideology and practice

Elisabeth Barakos

Language Policy in Business: Discourse, ideology and practice provides a critical sociolinguistic and discursive understanding of language policy in a minority language context. Focusing on Welsh-English bilingualism in private sector businesses in Wales, the book unpacks the circulating discourses, ideologies and... full description
November 2020. xv, 195 pp.
Cover not available

Linguistic Landscape in the Spanish-speaking World

Edited by Patricia Gubitosi and Michelle F. Ramos Pellicia

Linguistic Landscape in the Spanish-speaking World is the first book dedicated to languages in the urban space of the Spanish-speaking world filling a gap in the extensive research that highlights the richness and complexity of Spanish Linguistic Landscapes. This book provides scholars with an instrument to access a... full description
July 2021. xi, 395 pp.
Impact 49
Cover not available

Metroethnicity, Naming and Mocknolect

New horizons in Japanese sociolinguistics

John C. Maher

Language is a social space, an aesthetic, a form of play and communication, a geographical reference, a jouissance, a producer of numerous social and personal identities. This book takes up salient issues of sociolinguistics with a specific focus on Japan: language and gender (the married name controversy), language... full description
May 2021. xiii, 239 pp.
Cover not available

Multimodal Performance and Interaction in Focus Groups

Kristin Enola Gilbert and Gregory Matoesian

Focus group interviews have seen explosive growth in recent years. They provide evaluations of social science, educational, and marketing projects by soliciting opinions from a number of participants on a given topic. However, there is more to the focus group than soliciting mere opinions. Moving beyond a narrow... full description
January 2021. xi, 190 pp.
Cover not available

Politics, Ethnicity and the Postcolonial Nation

A critical analysis of political discourse in the Caribbean

Eleonora Esposito

This book explores the politics of ethnicity and nationalism in the Caribbean from a critical discourse-analytical perspective. Focusing on political communication in Trinidad and Tobago, it offers unique socio-political insights into one of the most complex and diverse countries of the Archipelago. Through a detailed... full description
May 2021. xvii, 207 pp.
Z 229
Cover not available

Professional Development in Applied Linguistics

A guide to success for graduate students and early career faculty

Edited by Luke Plonsky

Success in academia requires more than an understanding of discipline-specific literature and an ability to teach and do research. It is also necessary to develop an understanding of a range of professionally-oriented skills such as how to identify and apply to doctoral programs, how to make the most of conferences,... full description
July 2020. vi, 204 pp.
Cover not available

Sociolinguistic Variation and Language Acquisition across the Lifespan

Edited by Anna Ghimenton, Aurélie Nardy and Jean-Pierre Chevrot

This volume provides a broad coverage of the intersection of sociolinguistic variation and language acquisition. Favoured by the current scientific context where interdisciplinarity is particularly encouraged, the chapters bring to light the complementarity between the social and cognitive approaches to language... full description
August 2021. vi, 319 pp.
AHS 12
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Spanish Socio-Historical Linguistics

Isolation and contact

Edited by Whitney Chappell and Bridget Drinka

This interdisciplinary volume explores the unique role of the sociohistorical factors of isolation and contact in motivating change in the varieties of Spanish worldwide. Recognizing the inherent intersectionality of social and historical factors, the book’s eight chapters investigate phenomena ranging from forms of... full description
May 2021. v, 235 pp.
Impact 47
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Talking about Food

The social and the global in eating communities

Edited by Sofia Rüdiger and Susanne Mühleisen

All humans eat and all humans speak – activities which in social life often, but not always, co-occur: We talk while eating and drinking with others, but food is also a prominent literal and metaphorical discursive topic which contributes to establishing communities and identities. This omnipresence of eating and... full description
June 2020. vi, 284 pp.
Z 228
Cover not available

Visual Linguistics with R

A practical introduction to quantitative Interactional Linguistics

Christoph Rühlemann

This book is a textbook on R, a programming language and environment for statistical analysis and visualization. Its primary aim is to introduce R as a research instrument in quantitative Interactional Linguistics. Focusing on visualization in R, the book presents original case studies on conversational... full description
July 2020. ix, 258 pp.
Cover not available

World Englishes on the Web

The Nigerian diaspora in the USA

Mirka Honkanen

World Englishes on the Web focuses on linguistic practices at the intersection of international migration and social media, examining the language repertoires of Nigerians living in the United States, and their negotiations of identity and authenticity on a Nigerian web forum. Based on a large corpus of informal,... full description
August 2020. vii, 338 pp.