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Sociolinguistic Symposium 2024

Perth, 24-27 June 2024

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SCL 107
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The Academic Discourse of Mechanical Engineering

A corpus-based study into rhetorical conventions of research articles

Thi Ngoc Phuong Le, Minh Man Pham and Michael Barlow

This volume examines rhetorical conventions employed in mechanical engineering research to understand the knowledge-making principles of the discipline, as well as their expression within the research article. In particular, the study analyses the organisational patterns of mechanical engineering research articles... full description
April 2023. xiii, 320 pp.
SiBil 63
Cover not available

The Acquisition of Gender

Crosslinguistic perspectives

Edited by Dalila Ayoun

Gender as a morphosyntactic feature is arguably “an endlessly fascinating linguistic category” (Corbett 2014: 1). One may even say it is among “the most puzzling of the grammatical categories” (Corbett 1991: 1) that has raised probing questions from various theoretical and applied perspectives. Most languages display... full description
January 2022. xi, 282 pp.
Impact 53
Cover not available

The Anatomy of Polish Offensive Words

A sociolinguistic exploration

Łukasz Zarzycki

Swearing plays an important role in everyday language. We swear in the streets, at school, universities, at work and at home, on the means of transport, with family and friends. People have used swear words for centuries and they will continue to use them. The Anatomy of Polish Offensive Words examines offensive and... full description
January 2024. xvii, 336 pp.
Z 231
Cover not available

The Art and Architecture of Academic Writing

Patricia Prinz and Birna Arnbjörnsdóttir

This book is a bridge to confident academic writing for advanced non-native English users. It emphasizes depth over breadth through mastery of core writing competencies and strategies which apply to most academic disciplines and genres. Tailored to students in EMI programs, the content was piloted and revised during a... full description
September 2021. x, 299 pp.
Cover not available

Authoritarianism on the Front Page

Multimodal discourse and argumentation in times of multiple crises in Greece

Dimitris Serafis

This volume offers a critical discursive-argumentative framework that scrutinizes the discursive construction and, moreover, the argumentative justification of authoritarian attitudes on newspaper front pages in highly polarized times of multiple ‘crises’ in Greece. At the same time, it aspires to outline novel... full description
March 2023. xiv, 181 pp.
BPA 15
Cover not available

Bilingualism, Language Development and Processing across the Lifespan

Julia Herschensohn

How does knowledge of a first or second language develop, and how is that knowledge used in real time comprehension and production of one or two languages? Language development and processing are the central topics that this book explores, initially in terms of first language(s) and then in terms of additional... full description
September 2022. xxi, 292 pp.
Cover not available

Conspiracy Theory Discourses

Edited by Massimiliano Demata, Virginia Zorzi and Angela Zottola

Conspiracy Theory Discourses addresses a crucial phenomenon in the current political and communicative context: conspiracy theories. The social impact of conspiracy theories is wide-ranging and their influence on the political life of many nations is increasing. Conspiracy Theory Discourses bridges an important gap by... full description
December 2022. x, 509 pp.
CoLL 60
Cover not available

Constraints on Language Variation and Change in Complex Multilingual Contact Settings

Edited by Bertus van Rooy and Haidee Kotze

Constraints on Language Variation and Change in Complex Multilingual Contact Settings explores an innovative proposal: that linguistic similarities identified in different forms of contact-influenced varieties of language use (including translation, native and non-native varieties of English, and language... full description
Expected July 2024. v, 288 pp. + index
Cover not available

The Continuity of Linguistic Change

Selected papers in honour of Juan Andrés Villena-Ponsoda

Edited by Matilde Vida-Castro and Antonio Manuel Ávila-Muñoz

The Continuity of Linguistic Change presents a collection of selected papers in honour of Professor Juan Andrés Villena-Ponsoda. The essays revolve around the study of linguistic variation and the mechanisms and processes associated with linguistic change, a field to which Villena-Ponsoda has dedicated so many years... full description
February 2024. ix, 194 pp.
SCL 110
Cover not available

Corpus Dialectology

Edited by Elissa Pustka, Carmen Quijada Van den Berghe and Verena Weiland

Corpus Dialectology combines the fields of corpus linguistics and dialectological mapping. It concerns documentation of linguistic variation and mapping of linguistic spaces and boundaries, while ascribing renewed importance to the methodology and the material itself, especially data processing and statistical... full description
August 2023. vi, 220 pp.
BPA 16
Cover not available

Cross-language Influences in Bilingual Processing and Second Language Acquisition

Edited by Irina Elgort, Anna Siyanova-Chanturia and Marc Brysbaert

A great majority of people around the world know more than one language. So, how does knowing one language affect the learning and use of additional languages? The question of cross-language influences is the focus of this book. Do bilinguals hear, understand, and produce language and meaning differently because of... full description
May 2023. vi, 321 pp.
Impact 51
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English Rock and Pop Performances

A sociolinguistic investigation of British and American language perceptions and attitudes

Lisa Jansen

This book addresses the phenomenon of non-American rock and pop singers emulating an Americanized singing style for performance purposes. By taking a novel approach to this pop cultural trend and drawing attention to the audience, British and American students’ perceptions of English rock and pop performances were... full description
March 2022. ix, 191 pp.
Cover not available

Ethnographies of Academic Writing Research

Theory, methods, and interpretation

Edited by Ignacio Guillén-Galve and Ana Bocanegra-Valle

This book illustrates the use of ethnography as an analytical approach to investigate academic writing, and provides critical insights into how academic writing research can benefit from the use of ethnographic methods. Throughout its six theoretical and practice-oriented studies, together with the introductory... full description
October 2021. xi, 162 pp.
SCL 111
Cover not available

Exploring Language and Society with Big Data

Parliamentary discourse across time and space

Edited by Minna Korhonen, Haidee Kotze and Jukka Tyrkkö

As the legislative bodies of democratic nations, parliaments play a fundamental role in society. Consequently the linguistic practices observed in parliamentary discourse are of importance to everyone. This volume brings together leading researchers in areas of corpus linguistics, big data, parliamentary discourse,... full description
November 2023. vi, 379 pp.
P&bns 341
Cover not available

Exploring the Ambivalence of Liquid Racism

In between antiracist and racist discourse

Edited by Argiris Archakis and Villy Tsakona

The ongoing migration ‘crisis’ in European countries (2015 to date) has fostered different stances and practices within European nation-states, ranging from xenophobia to solidarity. In this context, two contradictory discourses seem to coexist: the national racist discourse and the humanitarian, antiracist one. This... full description
February 2024. viii, 294 pp.
Cover not available

Innovative Approaches to Research in Hispanic Linguistics

Regional, diachronic, and learner profile variation

Edited by Sara Fernández Cuenca, Tiffany Judy and Lauren Miller

This volume presents research from across the subdisciplines of Hispanic Linguistics in an attempt to showcase how new research methods, together with a renewed focus on language variation, have advanced our field. This volume is divided into three sections of original research, with the first describing regional... full description
June 2023. x, 250 pp.
Cover not available

Instructed Second Language Acquisition Research Methods

Edited by Laura Gurzynski-Weiss and YouJin Kim

Written for novice and established scholars alike, Instructed Second Language Acquisition Research Methods is a stand-alone research methods guide from an Instructed Second Language Acquisition (ISLA) lens. After offering foundations of conducting ISLA research, the subsequent chapters are organized by four skill... full description
December 2022. xxiv, 388 pp.
Cover not available

It's different with you

Contrastive perspectives on address research

Edited by Nicole Baumgarten and Roel Vismans

This book is a collection of studies about forms of address in the world’s languages, with a focus on contrast and difference. The individual chapters highlight inter- and intralinguistic variation in the expression of address and its sociol-cultural functions across media, registers, geographical contexts and time –... full description
September 2023. vi, 432 pp.
SiBil 65
Cover not available

L3 Development After the Initial State

Edited by Megan M. Brown-Bousfield, Suzanne Flynn and Éva Fernández-Berkes

To date, the field of L3 acquisition research has had a heavy focus on the initial state of the L3 grammar. While this initial state research is critical to understanding L3 acquisition as a whole, in order for an explanatory understanding of language acquisition in the multilingual mind, the field needs to expand its... full description
October 2023. vi, 275 pp.
P&bns 340
Cover not available

Language Change in the 20th Century

Exploring micro-diachronic evolutions in Romance languages

Edited by Salvador Pons Bordería and Shima Salameh Jiménez

Language Change in the 20th Century: Exploring micro-diachronic evolutions in Romance languages examines the distinctive features that set the study of the 20th century apart from preceding periods. With a primary focus on Romance languages, including Spanish, Italian, French, and Portuguese, the book advocates for... full description
January 2024. vi, 292 pp.
SCL 106
Cover not available

Language and Characterisation in Television Series

A corpus-informed approach to the construction of social identity in the media

Monika Bednarek

This book explores how language is used to create characters in fictional television series. To do so, it draws on multiple case studies from the United States and Australia. Brought together in this book for the first time, these case studies constitute more than the sum of their parts. They highlight different... full description
March 2023. xii, 265 pp.
Cover not available

Less Frequently Used Research Methodologies in Applied Linguistics

Edited by A. Mehdi Riazi

Research methodology plays a pivotal role in generating new knowledge in any academic discipline. Applied Linguistics (AL) researchers use a variety of research methodologies to address different research problems and research questions, given its interdisciplinary nature. Notwithstanding the plethora of research... full description
January 2024. vi, 274 pp.
AHS 14
Cover not available

Lifespan Acquisition and Language Change

Historical sociolinguistic perspectives

Edited by Israel Sanz-Sánchez

This volume connects the latest research on language acquisition across the lifespan with the explanation of language change in specific sociohistorical settings. This conversation benefits from recent advances in two areas: on the one hand, the study of how learners of various ages and in various sociolinguistic... full description
April 2024. x, 336 pp.
P&bns 339
Cover not available

Manufacturing Dissent

Manipulation and counter-manipulation in times of crisis

Edited by Cornelia Ilie

Spotlighting case studies of manipulation practices at the onset of the Covid-19 crisis in different countries and socio-political circumstances, the authors expose context-specific discourse and argumentation strategies of 'infodemics’ (misleading information and fake news), public policy mismanagement, deceptive... full description
January 2024. vi, 311 pp.
Cover not available

Methods in Study Abroad Research

Past, present, and future

Edited by Carmen Pérez-Vidal and Cristina Sanz

Study abroad research has become an established area of inquiry with theoretical impact and methodological sophistication. The field has incorporated the different approaches and methodological changes that have characterized SLA scholarship, including technological advances and new designs. The present volume... full description
February 2023. ix, 393 pp.
SiBil 66
Cover not available

Multifaceted Multilingualism

Edited by Kleanthes K. Grohmann

This volume collects research on language, cognition, and communication in multilingualism. Apart from theoretical concerns including grammatical description, language-specific analyses, and modeling of multilingualism, different fields of study and research interests center around three core themes: The Early Years... full description
April 2024. x, 434 pp.
SiBil 67
Cover not available

Multilingual Acquisition and Learning

An ecosystemic view to diversity

Edited by Elena Babatsouli

The volume espouses an ecosystemic standpoint on multilingual acquisition and learning, viewing language development and use as both ontogenesis and phylogenesis. Multilingualism is inclusively used to refer to sociolinguistic diversity and pluralism. Whether speech, writing, gesture, or body movement, language is a... full description
Expected June 2024. ix, 635 pp. + index
P&bns 333
Cover not available

Multimodal Im/politeness

Signed, spoken, written

Edited by Andreas H. Jucker, Iris Hübscher and Lucien Brown

Politeness and impoliteness are not just expressed by words. People communicate polite and impolite attitudes towards each other through their intonation, tone of voice, their facial expressions, their gestures, the positioning of their bodies towards each other, and so on. This volume brings together eleven empirical... full description
February 2023. vii, 360 pp.
Cover not available

New Englishes, New Methods

Edited by Guyanne Wilson and Michael Westphal

There is an ever-growing body of work on New Englishes, and the time has come to take stock of how research on varieties of English is carried out. The contributions in this volume critically explore the gamut of familiar and unfamiliar methods applied in data collection and analysis in order to improve upon old... full description
April 2023. viii, 276 pp.
P&bns 344
Cover not available

(Non)referentiality in Conversation

Edited by Michael C. Ewing and Ritva Laury

Although there is a large literature on referentiality, going back to at least the nineteenth and early twentieth century, much of this early work is based on constructed data and most of it is on English. The chapters in this volume contribute to a growing body of work that examines referentiality through... full description
Expected June 2024. v, 201 pp. + index
P&bns 335
Cover not available

The Pragmatics of Humour in Interactive Contexts

Edited by Esther Linares Bernabéu

Recent years have seen a burgeoning interest in interactional humour from social and pragmatic perspectives, with fascinating results. Released more than a decade later than Norrick and Chiaro (2009) Humor in Interaction, The Pragmatics of Humour in Interactive Contexts gathers some of the most recent work on humour... full description
May 2023. vi, 239 pp.
P&bns 343
Cover not available

The Pragmatics of Hypocrisy

Edited by Sandrine Sorlin and Tuija Virtanen

As a first attempt to date, this book addresses the notion of hypocrisy from a pragmatic perspective and devises a comprehensive model of verbal hypocrisy. The studies included adopt emic and etic approaches in order to contribute jointly towards an understanding of what appears to be a ubiquitous and multifaceted... full description
March 2024. viii, 268 pp.
Impact 52
Cover not available

Reconstructing Non-Standard Languages

A socially-anchored approach

Lenore A. Grenoble and Jessica Kantarovich

Focusing on language contact involving Russian, and the linguistic varieties that emerged from that contact in different social settings, this book analyzes issues and methodologies in reconstructing both the linguistic effects of language contact and the social contexts of usage. In-depth analyses of Odessan Russian,... full description
December 2022. xv, 354 pp.
Cover not available

Remedies against the Pandemic

How politicians communicate crisis management

Edited by Nadine Thielemann and Daniel Weiss

The present volume offers a fresh perspective on political top-down crisis communication across several countries during the first two years of the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes how leaders address the growing awareness of the dangerous impact of social restrictions, along with the controversies surrounding the... full description
July 2023. vi, 301 pp.
Cover not available

Research Methods in Vocabulary Studies

Philip Durrant, Anna Siyanova-Chanturia, Benjamin Kremmel and Suhad Sonbul

Understanding vocabulary and its role in language learning is one of the central tasks of applied linguistic research. It is also an area that has seen, and continues to see, huge progress in terms of the complexity and diversity of work being done. While this makes for a rich and exciting research scene, it can also... full description
September 2022. xv, 325 pp.
Cover not available

Research Methods in the Study of L2 Writing Processes

Edited by Rosa M. Manchón and Julio Roca de Larios

This volume brings together the perspectives of new and established scholars who have connected with the broad fields of first language (L1) and second language (L2) writing to discuss critically key methodological developments and challenges in the study of L2 writing processes. The focus is on studies of composing... full description
October 2023. vi, 387 pp.
Cover not available

Saipanese English

Local and global sociolinguistic trends

Dominique B. Hess

In this volume, the emergence of English in Saipan is examined in the complex context of its colonial past. The focus lies on the influence of the American era on the linguistic outcomes in Saipan. Sociolinguistic interviews with indigenous Chamorros and Saipan Carolinians were analyzed using qualitative and... full description
July 2023. xx, 249 pp.
P&bns 342
Cover not available

Self- and Other-Reference in Social Contexts

From global to local discourses

Edited by Minna Nevala and Minna Palander-Collin

The chapters in this volume study the construction, representation and negotiation of a variety of social roles through self- and other-reference markers or the discussion of reference as a tool for identification. The chapters uncover new insights both from a historical and present-day perspective and show how... full description
March 2024. v, 195 pp.
Cover not available

Social Media and Society

Integrating the digital with the social in digital discourse

Edited by Majid KhosraviNik

Social Media and Society brings together a range of scholars working at the intersection of discourse studies, digital media, and society. It is meant to respond to changes in discourse technologies, i.e. the techno-discursive dynamic of social media discourses. The book critically engages with the digital dynamics of... full description
April 2023. v, 210 pp.
Cover not available

The Sociophonetics of Dublin English

Phonetic realisation and sociopragmatic variation

Marion Schulte

The Sociophonetics of Dublin English shows how social inequalities and language are connected by the stances speakers take in interaction. It is based on an instrumental phonetic analysis of recorded interviews and broadcasting data and a detailed qualitative account of the same data as well as the socio-cultural... full description
September 2023. xii, 172 pp.
Cover not available

Study Abroad and the Second Language Acquisition of Sociolinguistic Variation in Spanish

Edited by Sara L. Zahler, Avizia Y. Long and Bret Linford

This volume offers a comprehensive snapshot of the breadth of empirical research currently being conducted on the second language acquisition of sociolinguistic variation in Spanish during study abroad. Research on this topic spans diverse methodological approaches, types of programs, linguistic structures, and... full description
June 2023. xxi, 371 pp.
SiBil 64
Cover not available

Understanding Language and Cognition through Bilingualism

In honor of Ellen Bialystok

Edited by Gigi Luk, John A.E. Anderson and John G. Grundy

Bilingualism is a ubiquitous global phenomenon. Beyond being a language experience, bilingualism also entails a social experience, and it interacts with development and learning, with cognitive and neural consequences across the lifespan. The authors of this volume are world renowned experts across several... full description
June 2023. vi, 394 pp.
Cover not available

Urban Panamanian English

Catherine Laliberté

Urban Panamanian English presents the first detailed account of the English used by the descendants of the Afro-Caribbean builders of the Panama Canal. It offers an up-to-date sociolinguistic account of the Panamanian West Indian community of Panama City and Colón, including empirical coverage of the advanced state of... full description
August 2023. ix, 225 pp.
Cover not available

Voices of Supporters

Populist parties, social media and the 2019 European elections

Veronika Koller, Natalia Borza, Massimiliano Demata, Laura Filardo-Llamas, Anna W. Gustafsson, Susanne Kopf, Marlene Miglbauer, Valeria Reggi, Ljiljana Šarić, Charlotta Seiler Brylla and Maria Stopfner

This book addresses an under-researched area within populism studies: the discourse of supporters of populist parties. Taking the 2019 European elections as their case study, the authors analyse how supporters in eleven different countries construct identities and voting motivations on social media. The individual... full description
September 2023. vi, 333 pp.