Stratification in Cognition and Consciousness

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The notion of stratification has played an important role in linguistics and evolutionary studies for some time, but its role in cognitive science has not yet been well articulated and identified. What is meant by stratification? What is the role and value of stratification in the contemporary study of cognition and consciousness? This collective volume speaks to these questions. The twelve articles in the book cover a range of relevant issues including
(a) the vertical dimension and modularity of visual processing, search and attention,
(b) the stratification of encoding and retrieval processes in memory,
(c) the hierarchical nature of conscious and unconscious components of memory, and
(d) the levels of awareness and varieties of conscious experience.
The volume presents stimulating and self-contained articles for researchers and students of experimental psychology and neuroscience, and is suitable for an advanced university course.
(Series B)
[Advances in Consciousness Research, 15]  1999.  viii, 293 pp.
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Table of Contents
An introduction to stratification, cognition and consciousness
Boris M. Velichkovsky and Bradford H. Challis
Part I: Vertical dimension of visual processing
Seeing and doing: Two selective processing systems in vision
A. David Milner
1. Vertical modularity in the visual system
Bruce Bridgeman
2. Stages of processing in visual search and attention
James E. Hoffman
3. Separate memories for visual guidance and explicit awareness: The roles of time and place
Sarah H. Creem and Dennis R. Proffitt
Part II: Stratification of memory tasks
Levels of encoding and retrieval
Fergus I.M. Craik
4. Stratification of memory retrieval processes on perceptual tests
Bradford H. Challis
5. Memory and awareness: Is memory information stratified into conscious and unconscious components?
William P. Banks, Yung-Pin Chen and Matthew W. Prull
6. Conscious and automatic uses of memory in cued recall and recognition
Douglas L. Nelson, Vanesa M. McKinney and David J. Bennett
7. From levels of processing to stratification of cognition: Converging evidence from three domains of research
Boris M. Velichkovsky
Part III: Levels of retrieval experience
Retrieval experience: A new arena of psychological study
Henry L. Roediger III
8. Levels of awareness and varieties of experience
John M. Gardiner and Martin A. Conway
9. Assessing the nature of retrieval experience: Advances and challenges
Suparna Rajaram
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“[...] an excellent illustration of a variety of interactions between different subsystems of cognitive mechanisms. [...] this volume provides a balanced account of current development in research on consciousness and higher order cognition.”
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Consciousness research
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