Applied Pragmatics 1:2

[Applied Pragmatics, 1:2]  2019.  iii, 118 pp.
Publishing status: Printing
Published online on 12 November 2019
Table of Contents
“Put a little bit of humor into it”: Teachers’ humor in the beginning-level Spanish classroom
Rachel L. Shively and Montserrat Mir
Responding (or not) to other’s talk: Changes in recipiency practices during a Japanese study abroad program
Alfred Rue Burch
L2 Chinese learners’ pragmatic developmental patterns in data-driven instruction and computer-mediated communication (CMC): A case of Chinese sentence final particle ne
Qiong Li
Second language pragmatic attrition after studying abroad: Change of accuracy and speed in the appropriateness judgment task
Seiji Fukazawa and Shusaku Kida