Memes of Translation

The spread of ideas in translation theory

| University of Helsinki
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Memes of Translation is a search for coherence in translation theory based on the notion of Memes: ideas that spread, develop and replicate, like genes. The author explores a wide range of ideas on translation, mapping the “meme pool” of translation theory with chapters on translation history, norms, strategies, assessment, ethics, and translator training. The aim of the book is to search for a perspective from which the immense variety of ideas about translation can be related.
The unifying thread is the philosophy of Karl Popper. The book proposes the beginnings of a Popperian theory of translation, based on the fundamental concepts of norms, strategies, and values. A key idea is that a translation itself is a theory or hypothesis concerning the source text. This hypothesis is then subjected to testing, refinement, and perhaps even rejection, just like any other hypothesis.
[Benjamins Translation Library, 22]  1997.  vii, 219 pp.
Publishing status: Obsolete
Table of Contents
Chapter 1. Survival machines for memes
Chapter 2. the evolution of translation memes
Chapter 3. From memes to norms
Chapter 4. Translation strategies
Chapter 5. Translation as theory
Chapter 6. The development of tranlational competence
Chapter 7. On translation ethnics
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“Le livre d'Andrew Chesterman est un «must» pour tous les traducteurs et tout particulièrment por les étudiants en traduction. Le livre est agréable à lire et sans prétention. C'est, à ne pas douter, un livre qui ouvre les portes de la connaissance théorique et pratique en présentant les multiples facettes de la traduction.”
“[...] questo libro sia una "réussite".”
“Pleading for the prestige of translation theory and of professional translators, the author substantially contributes to enhancing both, offering at the same time an invaluable teaching and learning aid to everyone interested in the field.”
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