Metaphor in Cognitive Linguistics

Selected papers from the 5th International Cognitive Linguistics Conference, Amsterdam, 1997

ORCID logoRaymond W. Gibbs, Jr. | University of California, Santa Cruz
Gerard J. Steen | Tilburg University & VU University Amsterdam
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This book contains a selection of refereed and revised papers originally presented at the 5th ICLC. After an introduction by the editors, the book opens with a long-needed chapter on historical precedents for the Cognitive Linguistic theory of metaphor. Two chapters demonstrate the method of lexical analysis of linguistic metaphors and how it can be fruitfully applied to a characterization of the conceptual domains of smell and economics. Three chapters deal with theoretical aspects of conceptual metaphor, one of which is a commissioned chapter on the relation between conceptual metaphor theory and conceptual blending. Finally there are five chapters presenting novel theoretical issues and empirical findings about the relation between conceptual metaphor and culture. This book is hence a wide-ranging sample of current approaches to metaphor in Cognitive Linguistics, with some chapters breaking new grounds for future research.
[Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, 175] 1999.  viii, 226 pp.
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“[...] an inclusive yet high-quality survey of the state of current metaphor research in cognitive linguistics. Moreover, it contains what have become major research landmarks. [...] it demonstrates why cognitive metaphor theory became an attractive enterprise for linguists and nonlinguists alike.”
“[...] a panoramic view of the current state of cognitive research into metaphor [...].”
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