Cognitive Linguistic Studies in Cultural Contexts

This book series aims at publishing high-quality research on the relationship between language, culture, and cognition from the theoretical perspective of Cognitive Linguistics. It especially welcomes studies that treat language as an integral part of culture and cognition, that enhance the understanding of culture and cognition through systematic analysis of language – qualitative and/or quantitative, synchronic and/or diachronic – and that demonstrate how language as a subsystem of culture transformatively interacts with cognition and how cognition at a cultural level is manifested in language.

ISSN 1879-8047
Ning Yu | Pennsylvania State University
Farzad Sharifian | Monash University
Editorial Board
Antonio Barcelona | Universidad de Córdoba
Erich A. Berendt | Assumption University, Bangkok
Alan Cienki | VU University Amsterdam & Moscow State Linguistic University
Alice Deignan | University of Leeds
Vyvyan Evans | Bangor University
Charles Forceville | University of Amsterdam
Roslyn M. Frank | University of Iowa
Raymond W. Gibbs, Jr. | University of California, Santa Cruz
Masako K. Hiraga | Rikkyo University
Zoltán Kövecses | Eötvös Loránd University
Graham Low | University of York
Zouheir Maalej | King Saud University
Fiona MacArthur | Universidad de Extremadura
Todd Oakley | Case Western Reserve University
Chris Sinha | Hunan University
Gerard J. Steen | University of Amsterdam
Hans-Georg Wolf | Potsdam University
Helen Bromhead
2018. xii, 221 pp. + index
Farzad Sharifian
2017. xvii, 171 pp.
Edited by Elisabeth Piirainen and Ari Sherris
2015. vi, 208 pp.
Edited by Rik De Busser and Randy J. LaPolla
2015. vi, 370 pp.
Adrian Tien
2015. xv, 303 pp.
Maïa Ponsonnet
2014. xxvii, 466 pp.
James J. Mischler, III
2013. xv, 237 pp.
Edited by Anna Idström and Elisabeth Piirainen
2012. vi, 376 pp.
Farzad Sharifian
2011. xvii, 238 pp.

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