Minimalist Essays on Brazilian Portuguese Syntax

| Universidade de São Paulo
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This collection of papers discusses some of the major syntactic properties of Brazilian Portuguese from a minimalist perspective. The volume focuses on movement and empty category issues and brings new empirical material on a variety of topics (null subjects and finite control, possessive and existential constructions, factive constructions, relative clauses, null objects and stress shift, preposition duplication, VP topicalization, and ellipsis). The book is of interest to a wide spectrum of linguists working on theoretical and comparative syntax.
[Linguistik Aktuell/Linguistics Today, 142]  2009.  vi, 243 pp.
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Table of Contents
Chapter 1. Brazilian Portuguese under minimalist lenses
Jairo Nunes
Part I. Movement and empty category issues
Chapter 2. Null subjects and finite control in Brazilian Portuguese
Marcelo Ferreira
Chapter 3. Movement and resumption in null possessor constructions in Brazilian Portuguese
Simone Floripi and Jairo Nunes
Chapter 4. Patterns of extraction out of factive Islands in Brazilian Portuguese
Marina Rosa Ana Augusto
Chapter 5. A Uniform raising analysis for standard and nonstandard relative clauses in Brazilian Portuguese
Mary Aizawa Kato and Jairo Nunes
Chapter 6. Stress shift as a diagnostics for identifying empty categories in Brazilian Portuguese
Jairo Nunes and Raquel S. Santos
Part II. Issues on the syntax-morphology interface
Chapter 7. The comitative-copular basis of possessive-existential constructions in Brazilian Portuguese
Juanito Ornelas de Avelar
Chapter 8. Topicalization of verbal projections in Brazilian Portuguese
Ana C. Bastos-Gee
Chapter 9. Preposition contraction and morphological sideward movement in Brazilian Portuguese
Jairo Nunes and Cristina Ximenes
Chapter 10. Lack of morphological identity and ellipsis resolution in Brazilian Portuguese
Jairo Nunes and Cynthia Zocca
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“This impressive volume is an excellent example of how theoretical concerns of the Minimalist Program can be fruitfully used to enhance empirical coverage of a wide range of phenomena. The volume sets the agenda for future research in a number of areas of Brazilian Portuguese syntax and draws important theoretical conclusions for the Minimalist Program. It is absolutely indispensable for researchers working on Brazilian Portuguese and an extremely rewarding reading for anyone interested in the Minimalist Program.”
“One way to test new theoretical linguistic ideas is to explore them in the context of the grammar of one language. In the GB era there were many useful volumes of this ilk. In the Minimalist Era there has been a sad lack. This volume of essays on the Grammar of Brazilian Portuguese brilliantly begins to fill this sadly neglected gap. It sets a very high bar, but it also reveals the subtlety of minimalist theorizing as it lays bare the structure of Brazilian Portuguese grammar.”
“Minimalist Essays on BP Syntax should prove inspiring and influential for anyone engaged in current research in linguistics. By covering a variety of BP-salient topics while exploring key minimalist tools, this book greatly broadens the current understanding of BP grammar and makes an impressive contribution to the minimalist entreprise. Novel data (offered as a new testing ground for central theoretical hypotheses) and illuminating insights are carefully and lucidly coupled together.The analyses developed in the book provide compelling evidence for movement to theta-positions, economy of representations, economy of derivations, the copy theory of movement and the role of feature valuation in the computation.”
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