Historical Pragmatics

Pragmatic developments in the history of English

| Justus-Liebig University, Giessen
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Until very recently, pragmatics has been restricted to the analysis of contemporary spoken language while historical linguistics has studied historical texts and language change in a decontextualized way. This has now radically changed and scholars from around the world are trying to build a new theoretical framework that integrates recent advances both in pragmatics and in historical linguistics. The volume, which contains 22 original articles, starts with an introduction that is both a state-of-the-art account of historical pragmatics and a programmatic statement of its future potential and its different subfields. Part I contains seven pragmaphilological papers that deal with historical texts and their interpretations by paying close attention to the communicative context of these texts. The second and third parts comprise papers in diachronic pragmatics. The ten papers of part II take a linguistic form as their starting point, e.g. particular lexical items or syntactic constructions, and study their pragmatic functions at different times (diachronic form-to-function mappings), while the four papers of part III take a particular pragmatic function as their starting point, e.g. discourse strategies or politeness, and study their linguistic realisation at different times (diachronic function-to-form mappings).
[Pragmatics & Beyond New Series, 35]  1995.  xvi, 623 pp.
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Table of Contents
List of Contributors
The historical Perspective in Pragmatics
Andreas Jacobs and Andreas H. Jucker
The Openness of Medieval Texts
Heinz Bergner
They Had Thier Points: Punctaution and Interpretation in English Renaissance Literature
Gert Ronberg
Punctuation: And- ‘Pragmatics’
John Lennard
A Close Reading of William Caxton’s Dialogues : “… to lerne Shortly frenssh and englyssh”
Werner Hüllen
Wills and Will-Making in 16th and 17th Century England: Some Pragmatic Aspects
Ulrich Bach
Justifying Grammars: A Socio-Pragmatic Foray into the Discourse Community of Early English Grammatians
Richard J. Watts
Communicative Clues in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
M. Pilar Navarro-Errasti
Diachronic form-to-function mapping
Pragmatic Maxims in Explanations of Language Change?
José Pinto De Lima
Pragmatic Constraints to Word Order, and Word-Order Change in English
Enrique Bernárdez and Paloma Tejada
The Semantic and Pragmatic Development of Substitutive Complex Prepositions in English
Scott A. Schwenter and Elizabeth Closs Traugott
On Doing as You Please
Cynthia L. Allen
Your Average Generalisations: A Case-Study in Historical Pragmatics
Katie Wales
Demonstratives in Early Modern English Letters
Barbara Kryk-Kastovsky
The Ambiguous Adverbial/Conjunctions pa and ponne in Middle English: A Discourse-Pragmatic Study of then and when in Early English Saints’ Lives
Brita Wårvik
Middle English po and other Narrative Discourse Markers
Monika Fludernik
Diachronic Analysis of Japanese Discourse Markers
Noriko O. Onodera
Interjections in Early Modern English: From Imitation of Spoken to Conventions of Written Language
Irma Taavitsainen
Diachronic function-to-form mapping
Topics in the History of Dialogue forms
Gerd Fritz
“Then I saw to antique heddes” Discourse Strategies in Early Modern English Travelogues
Tuija Virtanen
Linguistic Politeness Strategies in Shakespeare’s Plays
Roman Kopytko
Constraints on Politeness: The Pragmatics of Address Formulae in Early English Correspondance
Terttu Nevalainen and Helena Raumolin-Brunberg
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