Causatives and Transitivity

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This volume brings together 18 typological studies of causative and related constructions (transitivity, voice, other expressions of cause) by 19 scholars from North America, Western Europe, and Russia. The inspirations for the volume is the pioneering work on causative constructions by the Leningrad Typology Group; several of the contributors have close connections to the charter members of that group, others have appreciated this work from a distance. The volume as a whole is based on the concept of causative constructions as embracing both morphology and syntax, with an important semantic component as well. In addition to general studies concerning the morpho syntactic and semantic typology and the history of causative constructions and relations to other phenomena, the following individual languages are treated in detail: Russian, English, Dutch, Svan, Even, Korean, Yukaghir, Alutor, Aleut, Haruai, Dogon, Athabaskan languages. The volume will be of interest to typologists, to other linguists interested in causative constructions and transitivity relations, and to all who are interested in the linguistic expression of causal relations.
[Studies in Language Companion Series, 23]  1993.  x, 399 pp.
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Table of Contents
The inflectional category of voice: towards a more rigorous definition
Igor Mel’čuk
Transitivity increase in Athabaskan languages
Andrej A. Kibrik
Transitive and causative in the Slavic lexicon: evidence from Russian
Johanna Nichols
More on the typology of inchoative/causative verb alternations
Martin Haspelmath
The “second causative” a typological sketch
Leonid Kulikov
“Make” and the semantic origins of causativity: a typological study
Juan C. Moreno Cabrera
Causatives and causality: towards a semantic typology of causal relations
Vera I. Podlesskaya
Causee and patient in the causative of transitive: coding conflict or doubling of grammatical relations?
Isaac Kozinsky and Maria Polinsky
Bystander voice in English: a generalization masked in some versions of theta theory
Catherine V. Chvany
Causative constructions in Svan: further evidence for role domination
Nina R. Sumbatova
The causative in Yukaghir
Elena S. Maslova
Alutor causatives, noun incorporation, and the Mirror Principle
Maria Koptjevskaja-Tamm and Irina A. Muravyova
Some remarks on causatives and transitivity in Haruai
Bernard Comrie
Through the looking-glass, and how causatives look there
Leonid Kulikov and Nina R. Sumbatova
Hybrid causative constructions: benefactive causative and adversity passive
Leonard H. Babby
Adversative constructions in Even in relation to passive and permissive
Andrej L. Malchukov
On non-causative effects of causativity in Aleut
Evgeniy V. Golovko
Three causatives in Dogon and the overlapping of causative and passive markers
Vladimir A. Plungian
Index of languages
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