Pedagogical Realities of Implementing Task-Based Language Teaching

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This book documents how teachers, working in school foreign language learning contexts and teaching beginner learners of languages other than English, learn about and use tasks. It first presents a pedagogically researched account of how teachers learn about, design and evaluate tasks, after being introduced to TBLT during an in-service programme. The authors then go into classrooms to explore ways in which teachers continue to use tasks, as part of their regular ongoing classroom language programmes, following their in-service education. The book documents how the teachers use tasks to open up opportunities for language learning for students and investigates how teachers understand and position tasks and TBLT as relevant and of value to their teaching contexts. The challenges that teachers face in incorporating TBLT into their practice are also explored. The book suggests how the use of the task as a pedagogic tool may contribute to ongoing understanding about TBLT.
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Table of Contents
This is a provisional table of contents, and subject to changes.
Chapter 1. Researching the implementation of TBLT in the classroom
Introduction to Part 1: Learning about TBLT and tasks
Chapter 2. Teachers learning about TBLT and tasks
Chapter 3. Teacher learning through inquiry into TBLT
Chapter 4. From learning about TBLT to implementing TBLT
Introduction to Part 2: Tasks in the classroom
Chapter 5. Voices from the classroom
Chapter 6. An evaluation of the use of tasks in the classroom
Chapter 7. The teachers’ perspectives
Chapter 8. Conclusion
Description of in-school support component of TPDL
Appendix 1. Description of in-school support component of TPDL
Appendix 2. Template for the inquiry report and marking criteria
Appendix 3. Interview questions (telephone or email)
Appendix 4. Student questionnaire
Appendix 5. Interview questions for teachers whose practice we observed
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