Theory, methods and applications

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Terminology: Theory, methods and applications addresses language specialists, terminologists, and all those who take an interest in socio-political and technical aspects of Terminology. The book covers its subject comprehensively and deals among other things with concepts (the relation between linguistics, cognitive science, communication studies, documentation and computer science); Methodology, especially with regard to specialised language and dictionaries; the social-political challenges of the modern technological society and some solutions from a Terminological point of view; Terminology as a standard in multilingual communication and guardian of cultures. It is particularly suited as a course book.
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Table of Contents
Chapter I : An Overview of Terminology
1.Social and political aspects
2.Scientific and functional aspects
3.Organizaional aspects
Chapter II: Terminology, an interdisciplinary field
1.Terminology and linguistics
2.Terminology and cognitive science
3.Terminology and communication
4.Terminology and documentation
5.Terminology, computer science and knowledge engineering
Chapter III: The Foundations of Terminology
1.Special languages
2.The terminological unit
Chapter IV: Terminology in Practice: Terminology
1.The foudations of terminological practice
2.Materials used in terminography
3.Working methods
Chapter V: Computerized terminology
1.The concept and scope of computerized terminology
2.Contribution of computer science to terminology
3.Terminology and data bank
4.Terminological data banks
Chapter VI: Terminology and Standardization
1.General standardization
2.Terminological standardization
3.Terminology and neology
Chapter VII: Professional Terminology: The role of Terminologists in a Language Service
1.Linguistic needs ans language planning
2.Planning and language services
3.The technical tasks of language services
4.Language services and terminology
5.The training of terminologists
“[...] especially useful for terminology practitioners in that it details terminological work all the way from the working principles to various stages in the collection and processing of material.”
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