Translation Studies

An integrated approach

| University of Vienna
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Translation Studies presents an integrated concept based on the theory and practice of translation. The author adapts linguistic approaches and methods in such a way that they may be usefully employed in the theory, practice, and analysis of literary translation. The author develops a more cultural approach through text analysis and cross-cultural communication studies. The book is a contribution to the development of translation studies as a discipline in its own right.
[Not in series, 38]  1988.  x, 170 pp.
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Table of Contents
0. Introduction
1. Translation studies as an independent discipline
1.1 Translation and traditional language study
1.2 Literary and linguistic orientations
1.3 Categorization and text-type
1.4 An integrated approach
2. Translation as a cross-cultural event
2.1 Language and culture
2.2 Recent translation theories
2.3 System, norm and text
2.4 Dimension and perspective
3. Translation, text and language
3.1 Linguistics and translation
3.2 Text analysis
3.3 Scenes-and-frames semantics
3.4 Speech acts and parallel texts
3.5 Dynamics in meaning
4. From special language to literary translation
4.1 The status of the source text
4.2 The factor of style
4.3 An integrated approach confirmed
5. Translation studies: future perspectives
List of source texts
List of dictionaries
“Snell-Hornby's translation strategies and concrete examples represent an invaluable contribution to translation pedagogy. (...) Especially valuable for foreign language pedagogues is her in-depth treatment ... of translation as a cross-cultural event.
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