Handbook of Terminology Management

2 Volumes (set)

ORCID logoSue Ellen Wright | Kent State University
ORCID logoGerhard Budin | University of Vienna
ISBN 9789027221490 (Eur) | EUR 250.00
ISBN 9781556195020 (USA) | USD 375.00
The Handbook of Terminology Management is a unique work designed to meet the practical needs of terminologists, translators, lexicographers, subject specialists (e.g., engineers, medical professionals, etc.), standardizers and others who have to solve terminological problems in their daily work.
In more than 900 pages, the Handbook brings together contributions from over 50 expert authorities in the field. The Handbook covers a broad range of topics integrated from an international perspective and treats such fundamental issues as: practical methods of terminology management; creation and use of terminological tools (terminology databases, on-line dictionaries, etc.); terminological applications.
The high level of expertise provided by the contributors, combined with the wide range of perspectives they represent, results in a thorough coverage of all facets of a burgeoning field. The lay-out of the Handbook is specially designed for quick and for cross reference, with hypertext and an extensive index.
[Not in series, HTM S] 2001.  950 pp.
Publishing status: Available
“[...] an up-to-date survey of current knowledge for terminology specialists, but it is also a source of reference for all others with an interest in the terminology study.”

Terminology & Lexicography