Embedding Organizations

Societal analysis of actors, organizations and socio-economic context

| Laboratoire d'économie et de sociologie du travail, Aix-en-Provence
| University of Groningen
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The widely discussed ‘globalization’ of economic activities has given rise to a renewed interest in the relations between such tendencies, the nature and demarcation of societies, and the nature and strategies of various actors and organizations within and cross-cutting societies. One approach to capture and express these themes has been Societal Analysis, initially developed above all to confront the internationally comparative study of work, organization, education and training, industrial relations, business and industrial structures.
After twenty-five years of practising and developing Societal Analysis, this book serves to systematize and redefine the approach, and to react to criticism and newly arising issues. It brings together proponents, sympathizers and critics of Societal Analysis. It enters new fields, and contributions are clustered around the enterprise, the economy, theoretical and methodological aspects, public policy and gender issues. The message stressed and demonstrated by the editors and various authors, is that the ‘societal space’ of social, economic political interdependencies is not being obliterated but complexified, and therefore a topical, useful and indeed necessary explanatory framework.
[Advances in Organization Studies, 4]  2000.  x, 433 pp.
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Table of Contents
1. General introduction
Marc Maurice and Arndt Sorge
2. The paradoxes of societal analysis. A review of the past and prospects for the future
Marc Maurice
3. The diabolical dialectics of societal effects
Arndt Sorge
4. Societal or systems effects?
Erhard Friedberg
5. Towards a relational approach to the study of variety in the situated creativity of economic actors
Olav Korsnes
6. The implications of ‘societal analysis’ for a programme of research
Jean-Michel Berthelot
7. Theoretical problems in international comparisons: Towards a reciprocal improvement of societal analysis and régulation theory by methodic structuralism
Bruno Théret
8. Positivist, hermeneutical and postmodern positions in the comparative management debate
Niels G. Noorderhaven
9. The contribution of societal analysis to the economic theory of the firm
François Sellier
10. Explaining changes in institutional frameworks: Societal patterns of business coordination
David Soskice
11. Understanding the globalization strategies of German and British multinational companies: Is a ‘societal effects’ approach still useful?
Christel Lane
12. The evolution of teamwork at Rover: Societal, sectoral and organizational explanations
Frank U. Mueller
13. The societal effects school and transnational transfer: The case of Japanese investment in Britain
Chris Smith and Tony Elger
14. The transfer of business practices to Britain and France
Edward Lorenz
15. Society, organization and work in China
Malcolm Warner
16. Deregulation and societal systems
Philip Almond and Jill Rubery
17. Do we compare societies when we compare national university systems?
Christine Musselin
18. Path dependencies of education systems and the division of labour within organizations: Formalizing the societal effects perspective
Jerald Hage
19. Reintroducing public action into societal enalysis
Eric Verdier
20. Is it time to gender the societal effect?
Jacqueline O’Reilly
21. Societal analysis and social change in the family division of labour
Marie-Agnes Barrère-Maurisson
22. Male and female patterns of labour force participation: A comparison between France and Japan
Hiroatsu Nohara
23. Conclusions
Marc Maurice and Arndt Sorge
“[...] cet ouvrage offre des vues passionnantes sur les questions que pose la recherce contemporaine d'une synthèse entre les théories qui mettent en avant la continuité des structures et celles qui privilégent l'action.”
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