Asian Languages and Linguistics 1:1

[Asian Languages and Linguistics, 1:1]  Expected March 2020.  ca. 200 pp.
Publishing status: In production
Table of Contents
This is a provisional table of contents, and subject to changes.
Aspects of word formation processes in Luro: The endangered language of the Nicobar Islands
Anvita Abbi and Vysakh R
Radical analyticity and radical pro-drop scenarios of diachronic change in East and mainland Southeast Asia, West Africa and Pidgins and Creoles
Walter Bisang
A root-and-pattern approach to word-formation in Chinese
Gong Cheng and Liu Ying
Linguistic manifestations of fictive change participants: Apparent alternations between the accusative and the dative/comitative cases in Korean and Japanese
Katsunobu Izutsu and Yong-Taek Kim
Forward to the past: Modernizing linguistic typology by returning to its roots
Randy J. LaPolla
Case markers and language contact in the Gansu-Qinghai linguistic area
Chenlei Zhou