Approaches to Hungarian

Volume 16: Papers from the 2017 Budapest Conference

| Hungarian Academy of Sciences
| University of Delaware
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This volume contains selected papers from the 13th International Conference on the Structure of Hungarian (Budapest, 2017).The contributions address current issues in Hungarian linguistics, including comparisons with other languages (e.g., English, German, Turkish, Arabic, Spanish).

Specifically, the phonetics and phonology papers present experimental and corpus studies of /h/ voicing, the acoustics of Hungarian word stress, and vowel harmony in harmonically mixed stems. The papers on syntax and semantics discuss object agreement and its locality restrictions, equative markers in German and Hungarian diachronically and synchronically, anaphoric possessor strategies and definite article distribution, and the semantics of various aspectual adverbs. Experimental studies of information structure examine the linear placement of textually given topical constituents post-verbally, exhaustivity inferences with focus partitioning in German, English and Hungarian, and contextual factors licensing Hungarian structural focus.

The broad range of topics ensures that this volume will interest scholars of Hungarian and theoretical linguists more generally.

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Table of Contents
Non-degree equatives and reanalysis: A case study of doubling patterns in German and Hungarian
Julia Bacskai-Atkari
Anatomy of Hungarian aspectual particles
Anikó Csirmaz and Benjamin Slade
Intervocalic voicing of Hungarian /h/
Andrea Deme, Márton Bartók, Tekla Etelka Gráczi, Tamás Gábor Csapó and Alexandra Markó
Contextual triggers of the Hungarian pre-verbal focus structure: A guided production study
Tamás Káldi, Levente Madarász and Anna Babarczy
Testing variability effects in Hungarian vowel harmony
Fanni Patay, Ágnes Benkő, Ágnes Lukács, Péter Rebrus and Miklós Törkenczy
With or without the definite article: On the syntax of anaphoric possessor strategies in Hungarian
György Rákosi
Word order effects of givenness in Hungarian: Syntax or prosody?
Ádám Szalontai and Balázs Surányi
Object agreement and locality in Hungarian: Infinitival complement clauses, second person objects and accusative adjuncts
Krisztina Szécsényi and Tibor Szécsényi
Fixed stress as phonological redundancy: Effects on production and perception in Hungarian and other languages
Irene Vogel
(Non-)exhaustivity in focus partitioning across languages
Malte Zimmermann, Joseph P. De Veaugh-Geiss, Swantje Tönnis and Edgar Onea
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