Constructional Approaches to Language

ORCID logoMirjam Fried | Charles University, Czech Republic
ORCID logoJan-Ola Östman | University of Helsinki, Finland
ORCID logoKyoko Ohara | Keio University, Japan
The Constructional Approaches to Language (CAL) series brings together research conducted within different constructional models and makes them available to scholars and students working in this and other, related fields.

The topics range from descriptions of grammatical phenomena in different languages to theoretical issues concerning language acquisition, language change, and language use. The foundation of constructional research is provided by the model known as Construction Grammar (including Frame Semantics), initially developed in the 1980s by Charles Fillmore, a founding member of CAL’s Advisory Board. The book series publishes studies in which this model is developed in new directions and extended through alternative approaches. Such approaches include cognitive grammar, conceptual semantics, interaction and discourse, as well as typologically motivated alternatives, with implications both for constructional theories and for their applications in related fields such as communication studies, computational linguistics, AI, neurology, psychology, sociology and sociolinguistics, applied linguistics and anthropology.
This peer-reviewed series is committed to innovative research and will include monographs, thematic collections of articles, and introductory textbooks.
Advisory Board
Peter Auer | University of Freiburg, Germany
Hans C. Boas | University of Texas at Austin, USA
ORCID logoTimothy Colleman | Ghent University, Belgium
ORCID logoWilliam A. Croft | University of New Mexico, USA
ORCID logoAdele E. Goldberg | Princeton University, USA
ORCID logoMartin Hilpert | University of Neuchâtel
Seizi Iwata | Kansai University, Japan
Paul Kay | University of California, Berkeley, USA
Laura A. Michaelis | University of Colorado Boulder, USA
Josef Ruppenhofer | Leibniz-Institute of the German Language, Germany
Michael Tomasello | Duke University, USA

The series welcomes submissions. Book proposals, preferably structured along the lines indicated in our Guidelines for Book Proposals, can be sent to one of the series editors.

When you are instructed to prepare your manuscript for production, please follow the Guidelines for Manuscript Submission.