Introduction to Cognitive Pragmatics

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This textbook is designed for advanced (graduate and postgraduate) students, and will also be of interest to scholars. It blends a cognitive linguistic approach to language and language use with insights from contemporary pragmatics, the ultimate aim being to advance a unified model of cognitive pragmatics. Basic themes in cognitive linguistics and pragmatics are covered ranging from figurative language and thought, e.g. conceptual metaphor and metonymy, the role of inferencing in the construction of meaning, in particular, indirect speech acts, to the conceptual and functional motivation of morphosyntactic structure. Finally, the book offers many suggestions and ideas for student papers as well as larger research projects that promise to reveal new insights into conceptual structure, communicative function, and their influence on the grammatical structure of language.
[Cognitive Linguistics in Practice, 4]  Expected March 2022.  xxiii, 279 pp. + index
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Chapter 1. Cognitive linguistics and pragmatics
Chapter 2. Cognitive-pragmatic motivation of language structure and use
Chapter 3. The role of inference in the construction of meaning: Entailment and presupposition
Chapter 4. Principles guiding communication: The role of implicature
Chapter 5. Implicature, entailment, and presupposition: Differences and commonalities
Chapter 6. Talking as action: Speech act theory
Chapter 7. Metaphor: A figure of iconic and analogical reasoning
Chapter 8. Metonymy: A figure of indexical and associative reasoning
Chapter 9. Metonymic inferencing in indirect speech acts I: Assertives and commissives
Chapter 10. Metonymic inferencing in indirect speech acts II: Directives, expressives, declarations
Chapter 11. Cognitive pragmatics and grammar
Chapter 12. Epilogue
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