A New Agenda in (Critical) Discourse Analysis

Theory, methodology and interdisciplinarity

| Lancaster University
| University of East Anglia
ISBN 9789027227034 (Eur) | EUR 115.00
ISBN 9781588116376 (USA) | USD 173.00
ISBN 9789027227157 | EUR 36.00 | USD 54.00
ISBN 9789027292322 | EUR 115.00/36.00*
| USD 173.00/54.00*
Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) has established itself over the past two decades as an area of academic activity in which scholars and students from many different disciplines are involved. It is a field that draws on social theory and aspects of linguistics in order to understand and challenge the discourses of our day. It is time for A New Agenda in the field. The present book is essential for anyone working broadly in the field of discourse analysis in the social sciences. The book includes often critical re-assessments of CDA's assumptions and methods, while proposing new route-maps for innovation. Practical analyses of major issues in discourse analysis are part of this agenda-setting volume.
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Table of Contents
“The present book is essential for anyone working broadly in the field of discourse analysis in the social sciences. The book includes often critical re-assessments of CDA's assumptions and methods, while proposing new route-maps for innovation.”
“A precious resource for students and scholars interested in (critical) discourse analysis. This thought-provoking book is a must for anyone interested in discourse studies.”
“Individually, the chapters of this collection present firmly grounded conceptual and operational perspectives about CDA. Its innovative approach is some of its great assets. It is a welcome addition to the growing base of literature devoted to the field of social sciences, and CDA in particular.”
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