Perspectives on Arabic Linguistics XXVIII

Papers from the Annual Symposium on Arabic Linguistics, Gainesville, Florida, 2014

| University of Florida, Gainesville
| University of Florida, Gainesville
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This volume makes important contributions to the growing body of descriptive and theoretical studies in Arabic linguistics. It focuses on the rich linguistic work being done on Arabic dialects. The papers on individual dialects draw attention to the micro-variation that exists, emphasize that they do not comprise a uniform group, and reveal the implications of dialectal variation for linguistic theory. The chapters are distributed over three parts: phonetics and phonology, syntax, and sociolinguistics. They address first and second language acquisition, historical linguistics, phonetics, aspects of negation, light verb constructions, raising verbs, and sociolinguistic variation. The book is indispensable reading for those working in dialect description, the analysis of Arabic and the Semitic languages, and linguistic theory more generally.
[Studies in Arabic Linguistics, 4]  2016.  xii, 248 pp.
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Table of Contents
Youssef A. Haddad and Eric Potsdam
Phonetics and phonology
Phonation and glottal states in Modern South Arabian and San'ani Arabic
Janet C.E. Watson and Barry Heselwood
Examining feature economy in Arabic dialects
Cheng-Wei Lin
L1-English tense-lax vowel system influence on L2-Arabic
Zafer Lababidi and Hanyong Park
On the status of derived affricates in Arabic dialects
Dua'a Abu Elhija Mahajna and Stuart Davis
On NPIs and QPs in Sason Arabic
Faruk Akkuș
Temporal NPIs and NCIs as adverb phrases: The case of Jordanian Arabic
Ahmad Alqassas
Clause structure in contact contexts: The case of Sason Arabic
Faruk Akkuș and Elabbas Benmamoun
The syntax of motion light verbs in Jordanian and Moroccan Arabic
Hamid Ouali and Juman Al Bukhari
Cyclic Spell-Out Derived Agreement in Arabic Raising Constructions
Susi Wurmbrand and Youssef A. Haddad
(q) as a sociolinguistic variable in the Arabic of Gaza City
William Cotter
“The volume brings together thoughtful essays covering diverse aspects of Arabic linguistics. It is both theoretically and empirically enriching. It deals with topics that range from phonation and feature economy in Arabic sound systems to negative polarity items and raising structures. Empirically, it includes data from relatively familiar dialects, such as Standard and Moroccan Arabic, as well as less familiar and less studied varieties, such as Sason Arabic and the Arabic of Gaza and Iksal. The volume is a valuable contribution to existing literature on Arabic Linguistics.”
“The papers in this volume succeed in challenging big ideas in linguistics with facts of dialectal variation in Arabic, underscoring the importance of understanding the scope of that variation. A common thread running through the volume is an awareness of the complexity of Arabic language contact situations, and their impact on the structure of the language and its varieties.”
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