Topics in Humor Research

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The series aims to publish high-quality research on a broad range of topics in humor studies, including irony and laughter. Topics include, but are not limited to, pragmatics, the sociology of humor, the psychology of humor, translation studies, literary studies, and studies of visual humor combining word and image. Since humor research encompasses a variety of disciplines, we welcome theoretical and methodological approaches from any of these disciplines, thereby including the humanities, as well as the social and cognitive sciences. Examples include, among others, philosophy, anthropology, cultural studies, linguistics, media and communication studies, psychology, neuroscience, and computer science. Mutual intelligibility of studies across these various domains is a goal to be pursued within the series.
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Ephraim Nissan | London, UK
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ORCID logoDelia Chiaro | Università di Bologna
ORCID logoMarta Dynel | University of Lodz
Giselinde Kuipers | University of Amsterdam
Elda Weizman | Bar-Ilan University
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Nelly Feuerhahn | Paris, France
Giovannantonio Forabosco | Ravenna, Italy
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Sharon Lockyer | Brunel University, London
Jessica Milner Davis | University of Sydney
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Walter D. Redfern | University of Reading
Willibald Ruch | University of Zürich
Pierre Schoentjes | Ghent University
Limor Shifman | The Hebrew University, Jerusalem
Oliviero Stock | Fondazione Kessler, Trento
Judith Stora-Sandor | Paris, France
Ghil'ad Zuckermann | The University of Adelaide
Edited by Margherita Dore
2022. xi, 278 pp.
Edited by Roald Dijkstra and Paul van der Velde
2022. xii, 306 pp.
Henri de Jongste
2020. xv, 301 pp.
Valeria Sinkeviciute
2019. xi, 274 pp.
Edited by Villy Tsakona and Jan Chovanec
2018. vi, 316 pp.
Massih Zekavat
2017. vii, 210 pp.
Mahmud Farjami
2017. x, 213 pp.
Francisco Yus
2016. xix, 367 pp.
Beverly J. Rasporich
2015. xxi, 300 pp.
Edited by Marijke Meijer Drees and Sonja de Leeuw
2015. xiii, 277 pp.
Edited by Marta Dynel
2013. xiv, 425 pp.

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