Atypical predicate-argument relations

| University of Caen, Normandy
| University of Caen, Normandy
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This book deals with atypical predicate-argument relations. Although the relations between predicates, especially verbal, and their arguments have been long studied, most studies are concerned with typical telic verbs in the past tense, indicative mood, active voice, with all arguments expressed. Recently, linguists have become interested in other types of predicate-argument relations displaying atypical properties, be they morphological or syntactic, in one language or cross-linguistically. The articles in this book investigate some of these: argument marking with some special groups of verbs, arguments not foreseen in the verb valency and contributed by the construction, verbs in idiomatic constructions, valency-changing operations, arguments in thetic sentences or in participle constructions etc. The authors work within different theoretical frameworks and on various languages, from more current languages like English, Spanish, French or German, to Hebrew or lamaholot, an Austronesian language.
[Lingvisticæ Investigationes Supplementa, 33]  2016.  x, 289 pp.
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Table of Contents
Thierry Ruchot
Part 1. Atypical realization of the main arguments of the verb
Verbs of pain and accusative subjects in Romanian
Marleen Van Peteghem
Non-canonical ‘existential-like‘ constructions in colloquial Modern Hebrew
Rivka Halevy
IO realizations in Spanish reverse psych verb sentences
Chiyo Nishida
Non-human agents as subjects in English and Dutch: A corpus-based translation study
Steven Doms, Bernard De Clerck and Sonia Vandepitte
Part 2. Valency-changing devices and non-finite verb forms
The argument-structure configuration of English middle and related structures
Casilda Garcia de la Maza
Non-categorical categories: Aspect, Voice, Pred and the category of Participles
Elena Soare
Part 3. Variations in transitivity
The semantic motivation of non-canonical predicative relations: The French transitive construction
Meri Larjavaara
Atypical argument structures in French: From metaphorical uses to atypical ones
Geneviève Girard-Gillet
Split intransitivity in Lamaholot (East Flores, Indonesia)
Philippe Grangé
Part 4. Norm variation in predicate-arguments relations
Geographic variation in a non-canonical infinitive structure with the modal verb brauchen
Pascale Van Praet and Gilbert Magnus
Verbal constructions in spoken language deviating from the norm: Reflections on the concept of atypicality
Günter Schmale
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