Metaphor in Language, Cognition, and Communication

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The aim of the series is to publish theoretical and empirical interdisciplinary research on the effective use of metaphor in language and other modalities (including, for instance, visuals) for general or specific cognitive and communicative purposes.

The aim of the series is to offer both fundamental and applied contributions to the state of the art. The series also invites proposals for inter-cultural and cross-cultural studies of metaphor in language, cognition, and communication. Room will be given as well to publications on related phenomena, such as analogy, metonymy, irony, and humor, as long as they are approached from a comparable perspective.

The scope of the series comprises approaches from the humanities and the social and cognitive sciences, including philosophy, cultural studies, linguistics, cognitive science, communication science, media studies, and discourse analysis. More focused attention may be paid to the role of metaphor in the domains of religion, literature and the arts, the media, politics, organization and management, law, economics, health, education, and science.

ISSN 2210-4836
Christian Burgers | University of Amsterdam
Founding Editor
Gerard J. Steen | University of Amsterdam
Editorial Board
Kathleen Ahrens | The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Marianna Bolognesi | University of Bologna
Tony Berber Sardinha | Pontifical University of São Paulo
Daniel Casasanto | Cornell University
Anjan Chatterjee | University of Pennsylvania
Alan Cienki | Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Joep Cornelissen | Erasmus University Rotterdam
Alice Deignan | University of Leeds
Raymond W. Gibbs, Jr. | University of California, Santa Cruz
Fuyin Thomas Li | Beihang University (BUAA)
Jeannette Littlemore | University of Birmingham
Cornelia Müller | Europa Universität Viadrina, Frankfurt/Oder
Andreas Musolff | University of East Anglia
Francisco José Ruiz de Mendoza Ibáñez | University of La Rioja, Logroño
Elena Semino | Lancaster University
Tony Veale | University College Dublin
Nina Julich-Warpakowski
2022. xiii, 244 pp. + index
Edited by Herbert L. Colston, Teenie Matlock and Gerard J. Steen
2022. vii, 359 pp.
Edited by Marianna Bolognesi, Mario Brdar and Kristina Š. Despot
2019. x, 263 pp.
Valentina Cuccio
2018. vi, 167 pp.
Edited by Raymond W. Gibbs, Jr.
2016. xiv, 269 pp.
Edited by Elisabetta Gola and Francesca Ervas
2016. vi, 289 pp.
Edited by J. Berenike Herrmann and Tony Berber Sardinha
2015. xii, 319 pp.
Edited by Wan Wan and Graham Low
2015. ix, 329 pp.
Susan Nacey
2013. xi, 279 pp.
Dennis Tay
2013. vii, 211 pp.

Call for Book Proposals

The Editor of the new book series Metaphor in Language, Cognition and Communication invites submissions of book proposals on metaphor from scholars working in the humanities and the cognitive and social sciences. Book manuscripts on related phenomena such as analogy, metonymy, irony and humor may also be proposed, provided they can be seen as related to mainstream interdisciplinary research on metaphor.

Inquiries and submissions can be sent via email to:

c.f.burgers at

Or by regular post to:

Christian Burgers
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Department of Communication Science
1081 De Boelelaan

When you are instructed to prepare your manuscript for production, please follow the Guidelines for Manuscript Submission.


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