Studies in Germanic Linguistics

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Publications in this series will engage in achieving a more detailed and nuanced understanding of the structural development of Germanic languages and dialects past and present from a comparative perspective. Prospective manuscripts should target comparisons both within and outside of Germanic; especially West Germanic, and those that address German and/or English as a central focus of their analysis are particularly desirable. The series welcomes comparative analyses of aspects of Germanic languages from applied, experimental, formal, functional, and qualitative studies in any established subfield of linguistic inquiry (e.g., syntax, semantics, phonology, morphology, sociolinguistics, historical linguistics, psycholinguistics, and language acquisition). In addition to a comparative focus on Germanic languages, volumes in this series should also seek to contribute to theories of language structure, language use, language change, language acquisition, and language processing.
Seiichi Suzuki
Expected July 2024. xix, 149 pp. + index
Edited by Jennifer Hendriks and B. Richard Page
Expected May 2024. vi, 327 pp. + index
Edited by Eva Zehentner, Melanie Röthlisberger and Timothy Colleman
2023. vi, 446 pp.
Hilde De Vaere
2023. xviii, 333 pp.
Christopher D. Sapp
2022. xii, 246 pp.
Leiv Inge Aa
2020. ix, 184 pp.
R.D. Fulk
2018. xv, 420 pp.
Mari Nygård
2018. xii, 245 pp.
Edited by Höskuldur Thráinsson, Caroline Heycock, Hjalmar P. Petersen and Zakaris Svabo Hansen
2017. v, 343 pp.
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The series welcomes submissions of both monographs and edited volumes. Book proposals, preferably structured along the lines indicated in our Guidelines for Book Proposals, can be sent to the editors:

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If the proposed book is considered to be — in principle — suitable for this series, you will be asked to submit the full manuscript for further assessment through independent peer review.

When you are instructed to prepare your manuscript for production, please follow the Guidelines for Manuscript Submission.


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