Last Papers in Linguistic Historiography

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This volume brings together — in 8 chapters — what has occupied the author during his many years as editor of Historiographia Linguistica. Namely, how the history of linguistics has developed into a major field of scholarly research, and that the discussion of questions of method and epistemology needs to be continued to avoid stereotypical practice. The author takes up a number of subjects that often had been regarded as settled, but which require a revisit. This is shown in several chapters, whether it appears subjects like ‘analogy’ or the relationships between well-known linguists like Saussure, Hermann Paul, and others.
[Studies in the History of the Language Sciences, 128]  Expected August 2020.  x, 214 pp.
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Table of Contents
This is a provisional table of contents, and subject to changes.
Part I. Positions and problems in the history of linguistics
Chapter 1. The historiography of linguistics past, present, future
Chapter 2. Pour une historiographie engagée; or where historians of linguistics could still do better
Chapter 3. La place du Bulletin de la société de Linguistique de Paris parmi les principales revues de linguistique de son temps
Chapter 4. On the disappearance of August Schleicher in the writings of the Neogrammarians: The case of the analogy concept in historical lingustics
Part II. Studies concerning the work of individual scholars
Chapter 5. Baudouin de Courtenay’s relationship with Schleicher
Chapter 6. Hermann Paul, Saussure, and general linguistic theory
Chapter 7. Edward Sapir: Assessments of his life and work
Chapter 8. The Baxtin myth and its historiography
List of biographical names in the history of linguistics
Index of subjects, terms & languages
List of pictures and photographs
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