Functions of Language

Functions of Language is an international journal of linguistics which explores the functionalist perspective on the organisation and use of natural language. It publishes articles and reviews books from the full spectrum of functionalist linguistics, seeking to bring out the fundamental unity behind the various schools of thought, while stimulating discussion among functionalists. It encourages the interplay of theory and description, and provides space for the detailed analysis, qualitative or quantitative, of linguistic data from a broad range of languages. Its scope is broad, covering such matters as prosodic phenomena in phonology, the clause in its communicative context, and regularities of pragmatics, conversation and discourse, as well as the interaction between the various levels of analysis. The overall purpose is to contribute to our understanding of how the use of languages in speech and writing has impacted, and continues to impact, upon the structure of those languages.

Sample issue: FOL 24:2
Monika Bednarek | University of Sydney
Martin Hilpert | University of Neuchâtel
J. Lachlan Mackenzie | VU University Amsterdam
Review Editor
Wendy L. Bowcher | Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou
Managing Editor
Lobke Ghesquière | University of Mons | lobke.ghesquiere at
Editorial Board
Svenja Adolphs | University of Nottingham
Jóhanna Barðdal | University of Ghent
Dagmar Barth-Weingarten | University of Potsdam
Walter Bisang | Johannes-Gutenberg-University of Mainz
Kasper Boye | University of Copenhagen
Cristiano Broccias | University of Genoa
Alice Caffarel-Cayron | University of Sydney
Cecilia Colombi | UC Davis
Hendrik De Smet | University of Leuven
Holger Diessel | University of Jena
John W. Du Bois | University of California, Santa Barbara
Anita Fetzer | University of Augsburg
Lise Fontaine | University of Cardiff
Cliff Goddard | Griffith University
Francisco Gonzálvez-García | University of Almería
Martin Haspelmath | MPI-SHH Jena
Kees Hengeveld | University of Amsterdam
Liesbet Heyvaert | University of Leuven
Sally Humphrey | Australian Catholic University, North Sydney
Susan Hunston | University of Birmingham
Laura A. Janda | University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Evelien Keizer | University of Vienna
J.R. Martin | University of Sydney
Tanja Mortelmans | University of Antwerp
Stella Neumann | University of Aachen
Dirk Noël | University of Hong Kong
Gerard O’Grady | University of Cardiff
Teresa Oteíza | PUC Santiago
Mary J. Schleppegrell | University of Michigan
Jack Sidnell | University of Toronto
Elena Smirnova | University of Hannover
Gerard J. Steen | University of Amsterdam
Maite Taboada | Simon Fraser University, Vancouver
Freek Van de Velde | University of Leuven
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Contributions should be in English. Authors who are not expert users of written academic English should have their text carefully checked by such an expert user (preferably a linguist familiar with the discourse of our discipline) before submitting the paper.

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All editorial questions should be sent to the Managing Editor:
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All questions about book reviews should be sent to the (incoming) Reviews Editor:
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