Beyond Meaning

| National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
| University of Neuchatel
| University of Brighton
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Despite the fact that they are often crucial to our understanding, the vague, ineffable elements of language use and communication have received much less attention from linguists than the more concrete, effable ones. This has left a range of important questions unanswered. How might we account for the communication of non-propositional phenomena such as moods, emotions and impressions? What type of cognitive response do these phenomena trigger, if not conceptual or propositional? Do creative metaphors and unknown words in second languages and other ‘pointers’ to ‘conceptual regions’ communicate concepts learned from language alone? How might the descriptive ineffability of interjections, free indirect speech etc. be accommodated within a theory of communication? What of those working on the aesthetics of artworks, music and literature? What can evolution tell us about ineffability? The papers in this volume address these fascinating questions head-on. They represent a range of different attempts to answer them and, in so doing, allow us to pose exciting new questions. The aim, to bring the ineffable firmly within the grasp of theoretical pragmatics.
[Pragmatics & Beyond New Series, 324]  Expected November 2021.  vi, 200 pp.
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Table of Contents
Section 1. Beyond meaning
Beyond meaningNN and ostension: Pragmatic inference in the wild
Stavros Assimakopoulos
Contrastive stress in English: Meaning, expectations and ostension
Kate Scott
Presupposition effects: Beyond and within speaker’s meaning
Misha-Laura Müller
Metaphor comprehension: Meaning and beyond
Elly Ifantidou
Section 2. Beyond meaning
Conceptual mappings and contextual assumptions: The case of poetic metaphor
Anna Piata
An experiential view on what makes literature relevant
Louis de Saussure
Humorous means, serious messages: A relevance-theoretic perspective on telling jokes to communicate propositional meaning
Agnieszka Piskorska
Section 3. Furthur beyond
Experiences of ineffable significance
Nigel Fabb
Hushed tones: Ceremonial treatment as a perspective shifter
Kate McCallum and Scott Mitchell
Onomatopoeia, impressions and text on screen
Ryoko Sasamoto
Before meaning: Creature construction, sea-sponges, lizards and Humean projection
Louis Cornell and Tim Wharton
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