Narrative, Literacy and Other Skills

Studies in intervention

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In recent years, narrative skills have been receiving increasing attention from researchers for their relevance in the development of language, literacy and socio-cognitive abilities. This volume brings together studies focusing on two key issues in the development of children’s narrative skills. The first part of the Volume addresses the issue of the interrelatedness between narrative skills and literacy, language and socio-cognitive development, as well as of the impact of narrative practices on the promotion of these different skills. The second part of the Volume addresses the issue of how early interactional experiences, particular contextual settings and specific intervention procedures, can help children promote their narrative skills.

The studies span a wide age range, from toddlers to late elementary school children, concern different languages (Dutch, English, French, German, Hebrew and Italian), and consider narrative skills and practices from a rich variety of theoretical and methodological approaches.
[Studies in Narrative, 25]  2019.  xix, 318 pp.
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Table of Contents
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Introduction to narrative, literacy and other skills: Studies in intervention
Edy Veneziano and Ageliki Nicolopoulou
Part I. The importance of oral narratives for literacy, language and socio-cognitive skills
List of contributors
Chapter 1. The developing language foundation for reading comprehension: Vocabulary, complex syntax and extended discourse from preschool to grade one
David K. Dickinson, Kerry G. Hofer and Bretta L. Rivera
Chapter 2. Storybooks to promote emergent literacy in kindergarten classrooms
Hélène Makdissi, Andrée Boisclair, Pauline Sirois, Marie-Pierre Baron and Claudia E. Sanchez Arce
Chapter 3. Do children’s oral retellings of narrative and informational texts predict scores on a standardized reading comprehension test?
Helen Chen Kingston, James S. Kim, Mary Burkhauser, Bethany Mulimbi and David M. Quinn
Chapter 4. Does emotional narrative context influence retention of newly learned words?
Katharina Rohlfing, Kerstin Nachtigäller, Anna Berner and Anouschka Foltz
Chapter 5. Enhancing mental state language and emotion understanding of toddlers’ social cognition: The role of narrative and conversation
Ilaria Grazzani, Veronica Ornaghi, Alessia Agliati, Elisa Brazzelli and Maria Lucarelli
Chapter 6. The effects of bookreading with and without mental state themes on preschoolers’ theory of mind
Carolyn Brockmeyer Cates and Ageliki Nicolopoulou
Chapter 7. Using narrative thinking in argumentative writing
Sarah Surrain, Leslie Duhaylongsod, Robert L. Selman and Catherine E. Snow
Part II. Promoting narrative skills
Chapter 8. New frontiers in facilitating narrative skills in children and adolescents: A dynamic systems account incorporating eight narrative developmental stages
Keith E. Nelson and Kiren S. Khan
Chapter 9. Precursors of narrative abilities: Non-present talk, temporality development and topic elaboration in early parent-child interaction
Akke de Blauw, Anne E. Baker and Judith Rispens
Chapter 10. Enriching parent-child discourse during book sharing: The impact on children’s story comprehension and narrative skills
Yaara Fine, Dorit Aram and Margalit Ziv
Chapter 11. Investigating the effectiveness of the Our Story App to increase children’s narrative skills: Lessons learnt from one English preschool classroom
Natalia Kucirkova, David J. Messer and Kieron Sheehy
Chapter 12. Using a storytelling/story-acting practice to promote narrative and other decontextualized language skills in disadvantaged children
Ageliki Nicolopoulou
Chapter 13. Promoting narratives through a short conversational intervention in typically-developing and high-functioning children with ASD
Edy Veneziano and Marie-Hélène Plumet
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