A Language Management Approach to Language Problems

Integrating macro and micro dimensions

| Sophia University, Tokyo
| Sophia University, Tokyo
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In recent years there has been increased interest in examining the treatment of language problems across different levels of society, ranging from individual interactional issues to language policy and planning at the national or supra-national level. Among the various approaches to tackle this issue, Language Management Theory (LMT) provides a framework to address behaviour towards language problems on differet levels explicitly and comprehensively.

Using LMT as a unifying theoretical concept, the chapters in this volume examine the links between micro and macro dimensions in their analyses of a variety of language problems in Asian and European contexts. This body of work illustrates that the LMT framework is able to show the characteristics of different dimensions clearly, especially when combined with a conceptualization of the micro and macro as a continuum of intertwining elements. This volume will appeal both to those interested in language policy and planning as well as those interested in interaction between speakers from different language backgrounds.

[Studies in World Language Problems, 7]  2020.  ix, 273 pp.
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Table of Contents
Chapter 1. Introduction: What is a language management approach to language problems and why do we need it?
Lisa Fairbrother and Goro Christoph Kimura
Part I. Theoretical perspectives of the management of language problems
Chapter 2. The origin and development of a language management framework
Björn H. Jernudd
Chapter 3. Research perspectives from East Asia: Language management in contact situations
Sau Kuen Fan
Chapter 4. Researching language management in Central Europe: Cultivation, social change and power
Tamah Sherman
Part II. Managing language problems in contact situations
Chapter 5. Intercultural interaction management: The case of Japanese and non-Japanese business professionals in the Japanese workplace
Hiroko Aikawa
Chapter 6. Language selection in contact situations: The case of international students in an English-medium science graduate program in Japan
Kanako Takeda and Hiroko Aikawa
Chapter 7. Diverging and intersecting management: Cases of the simultaneous management of deviations by multiple parties in contact situations
Lisa Fairbrother
Part III. Managing language problems relating to standard varieties
Chapter 8. Processes of language codification: The case of the standardization of German pronunciation
Hideaki Takahashi
Chapter 9. Processes of destandardization and demotization in the micro-macro perspective: The case of Germanic languages
Vít Dovalil
Chapter 10. Processes of language enquiries: The case of the Prague Language Consulting Service
Martin Prošek
Part IV. The researcher as part of the language management process
Chapter 11. Language management in life story interviews: The case of first generation Zainichi Korean women in Japan
Junko Saruhashi
Chapter 12. The bridging role of the researcher between different levels of language management: The case of a research project at the German-Polish border
Goro Christoph Kimura
Chapter 13. Epilogue: Reconsidering the language management approach in light of the micro-macro continuum
Goro Christoph Kimura and Lisa Fairbrother
“Though well-known as a major approach in the field of language policy and planning, Language Management Theory has also considerably contributed to the development of linguistic theory. This volume is a valuable addition to this unique comprehensive research tradition.”
“[I]nteresting both to scholars of LPP in general who pay attention to the macro processes of the state level and beyond and to researchers of LMT in particular who are “concerned with language-related issues at any point on the micro-macro spectrum” (p.265).”
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