Memes of Translation

The spread of ideas in translation theory

Revised edition

Andrew Chesterman | University of Helsinki
ISBN 9789027258687 | EUR 95.00 | USD 143.00
ISBN 9789027258694 | EUR 33.00 | USD 49.95
ISBN 9789027267382 | EUR 95.00/33.00*
| USD 143.00/49.95*
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This revised edition of Memes of Translation includes updates that relate the book's themes to more recent research in Translation Studies. The book contributes to the debate about whether it is worth seeking a coherent theory of translation, by proposing an approach based on norms, strategies and values, which are all seen as kinds of memes, i.e. ideas that spread. The meme metaphor allows us to see translation in the context of cultural evolution, and also highlights similarities with the philosopher Karl Popper's analysis of another kind of evolution: that of scientific knowledge. A translation is, after all, itself a theory – a theory about the source text. And as Popper stressed, theories of all kinds are like nets we make in order to catch something of reality: never perfectly, but always in the hope of better understanding.

This title replaces Memes of Translation: The spread of ideas in translation theory (1997)

[Benjamins Translation Library, 123]  2016.  xii, 225 pp.
Publishing status: Available
Table of Contents
“This is an intelligent, practical, full-blown theory of translation, hiding under a modest title. It amply demonstrates the way clever concepts can bring clarity and balance to key issues in contemporary Translation Studies, without reduction or partisanship. The many updates cover an impressively broad range of recent studies, placing them in context, pointing to several paths forward, and providing flashes of illumination.”
“Andrew Chesterman is one of the few people capable of providing a detailed bird's eye perspective on Translation Studies. In this new edition of the 'Memes' volume, he has flown over the disciplinary landscape nearly twenty years after his first view, resulting in a commentary that includes updated references to more recent work and his own reflection on the criticism received the first time around. The new edition demonstrates the staying power of some of the most central ideas in the field, as well as the interesting ways in which they continue to evolve.”
“The updates allow the book to retain its historical outlook while remaining at the forefront of the discipline.”
“In a comprehensive, coherent and comprehensible manner, this volume pulls together apparently disparate threads of thought. Its constructive view of our field is well ordered but remains rather generic, as overviews tend to be by their very nature. However, this price is worth paying for Chesterman’s attempt to link translation theory and professional translators, which has resulted in a volume that is at once an invaluable teaching and learning resource and a (meta)theoretical reflection.”
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