Studies on Variation in Portuguese

| University of Minho
| Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
| University of Lisbon
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Studies on Variation in Portuguese offers a collection of studies on a range of variable phenomena attested within and across varieties of Portuguese. The volume starts out with an overview of current issues in the study of intralinguistic variation and is divided in two parts. Part 1 is dedicated to research on variation within national varieties (Brazilian and European). Here, a multidimensional analysis that combines both the geographic and the social dimensions of variation emerges as a way to identify possible regional specificities and the directionality of some of the variants. Part 2 collects studies that compare the behavior of a particular linguistic variable across different varieties. The variable phenomena discussed concern several levels of grammar and are framed within different conceptions of variation, thus promoting confrontation of theoretical and methodological alternatives. Overall, the volume constitutes a significant contribution to the essential question of how to model variation at different levels.
[Issues in Hispanic and Lusophone Linguistics, 14]  2017.  vi, 345 pp.
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Table of Contents
The study of variation in Portuguese: Overview and outlook
Pilar P. Barbosa, Maria da Conceição de Paiva and Celeste Rodrigues
Part 1. Variation within national varieties of Portuguese
Chapter 1. Stressed vowels of European Portuguese in spontaneous speech
Anabela Rato, Celeste Rodrigues and Patrícia Varanda
Chapter 2. Glide insertion to break a hiatus across words in European Portuguese: The role of prosodic, geographic and sociolinguistic factors
Pedro Oliveira, Marisa Cruz, Nuno Paulino and Marina Vigário
Chapter 3. Building a prosodic profile of European Portuguese varieties: The challenge of mapping intonation and rhythm
Marisa Cruz, Pedro Oliveira, Pedro Palma, Bruno Neto and Sónia Frota
Chapter 4. The yes-no question contour in Brazilian Portuguese: A geographical continuum
Joelma Castelo and Sónia Frota
Chapter 5. “Vocês tenham cuidado, sois educadas para isso” Second person pronouns in Braga speech
Joana Aguiar and Maria da Conceição de Paiva
Chapter 6. Variable use of strong preterites: A sociolinguistic and theoretical approach
Pilar P. Barbosa, Ana C. Bastos-Gee and Cristina Flores
Chapter 7. Conditions on variation in pre-nominal possessives in European Portuguese
Ana Maria Brito
Chapter 8. Clitic climbing in the speech of Braga and Lisbon
Pilar P. Barbosa, Maria da Conceição de Paiva and Kellen Cozine Martins
Chapter 9. Linguistic and social embedding of variable concord with 1st plural nós ‘we’ in Brazilian Portuguese
Anthony J. Naro, Maria Marta Pereira Scherre, Camila Candeias Foeger and Samine de Almeida Benfica
Chapter 10. Analyzing a parametric change in Brazilian Portuguese: A sociolinguistic investigation
Maria Eugênia Lammoglia Duarte
Part 2. Variation across national varieties of Portuguese
Chapter 11. Agreement in Portuguese: Contributions from a research project
Silvia Rodrigues Vieira and Silvia Figueiredo Brandão
Chapter 12. The Portuguese inflected infinitive across varieties
Alexandra Fiéis and Ana Madeira
Chapter 13. Dative variation in the Portuguese of São Tomé
Rita Gonçalves
Chapter 14. Simple past with pluperfect interpretation: Evidence from Brazilian and European spoken Portuguese
Kellen Cozine Martins and Maria da Conceição de Paiva
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