Language Acquisition Beyond Parameters

Studies in honour of Juana M. Liceras

| University of Montreal
| University of Ottawa
| Nebrija University, Madrid
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The chapters in this volume take different approaches to the exploration of language acquisition processes in various populations (monolingual and bilingual first language acquisition, L2 acquisition) and address issues in syntax, morphology, pragmatics, language processing and interface phenomena. This volume is a tribute to Juana M. Liceras’ fundamental and enduring contribution to the field of Spanish Second Language Acquisition (SLA). All the chapters in the volume are linked to or inspired by Juana’s extensive body of work, and, like Juana’s research, they all stand at the crossroads of formal and experimental linguistics. Together, the studies presented in this volume are a reflection of Juana’s impact both as a mentor and as a collaborative researcher while at the same time showcasing current trends and new directions in the field of generative SLA.
[Studies in Bilingualism, 51]  2016.  vi, 305 pp.
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Table of Contents
Preface and acknowledgements
L2 acquisition: links, crossroads, parameters and beyond
Anahí Alba de la Fuente and Cristina Martínez Sanz
Part I. Parameters and beyond
Pro-drop then and now: Changing perspectives on null subjects in second language acquisition
Lydia White
Reference comprehension and production in bilingual Spanish: The view from null subject languages
Aurora Bel, Estela García-Alcaraz and Elisa Rosado
Part II. Features and crossroads L1/L2
When masculine as default supercedes L1 transfer: Bilingual speakers of languages with asymmetric gender systems
Rachel Klassen
L2 knowledge of gender and number agreement in Spanish noun ellipsis
Joyce Bruhn de Garavito and Marcela Otálora
Not just algunos, but indeed unos L2ers can acquire scalar implicatures in L2 Spanish
David Miller, David Giancaspro, Michael Iverson, Jason Rothman and Roumyana Slabakova
Part III. Word order and complex structures
Comprehension of subject and object relative clauses by second language learners of Spanish
Noelia Sánchez-Walker and Silvina Montrul
On the production of differential object marking and wh-question formation in native and non-native Spanish
Alejandro Cuza, Lauren Miller and Mariluz Ortíz
Part IV. Monolingual and bilingual first language acquisition
In search of the perfect tense
Joanne Markle LaMontagne and Ana Teresa Pérez-Leroux
The acquisition of grammatical gender in L1 bilingual Spanish
Raquel Fernández Fuertes, Esther Álvarez de la Fuente and Sonja Mujcinovic
Applying computing innovations to bilingual corpus analysis
Diana Carter, Mirjam Broersma and Kevin Donnelly
“This volume is a wonderful tribute to Juana Liceras by her students and collaborators. It touches on several themes of Licera’s pioneering work in second language acquisition that are still at the forefront of language acquisition research, namely the relevance of the syntax/pragmatics interface to the study of the acquisition of null pronouns in L2, the L1/L2 acquisition of nominal features and word order in relative clauses, and issues related to monolingual and bilingual acquisition. This volume will prove useful for all scholars interested in the challenging questions of how the syntax and interpretation of intricate properties of natural language are acquired by early and late learners in language contact situations.”
“This tribute to Juana Liceras brings together a rich and interesting — sometimes provocative — set of essays and studies representing the various strands of research found in Licera’s long and fruitful career. With both established and less established scholarly voices, there is much in this volume for those of us researching the morpho-syntactic component of Spanish L2 grammars: everything from basic generative research to issues in interface (e.g., syntax-discourse, syntax- semantics). This book should be on the shelf of every scholar and serious student.”
“This collection of papers gives an excellent and inspiring overview of the impact of the last 30 years of research on theory guided Spanish language acquistion across different populations. The contributions show that Juana Liceras has been at the forefront of many new developments in language acquistion and theory: studies adressing both production and comprehension, based on experimental work and on large bilingual databases, from the acquisition of syntax by adult L2 learners to interface vulnerabilities across the lifespan. This volume does not only constitute an honour to Juana Liceras but also to the lively field of (bilingual) language acquistion of Spanish in a comparative perspective. It will no doubt become a classical read for all those interested in language acquisition and linguistic theory.”
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