Developing Narrative Comprehension

Multilingual Assessment Instrument for Narratives

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Comprehension of texts and understanding of questions is a cornerstone of successful human communication. Whilst reading comprehension has been thoroughly investigated in the last decade, there is surprisingly little research on children’s comprehension of picture stories, particularly for bilinguals. This can be partially explained by the lack of cross-culturally robust, cross-linguistic instruments targeting early narration. This book presents an inference-based model of narrative comprehension and a tool that grew out of a large-scale European project on multilingualism. Covering a range of language settings, the book uses the Multilingual Assessment Instrument for Narratives to answer the question which narrative comprehension skills (bilingual) children can be expected to master at a certain age, and explores how such comprehension is affected (or not affected) by linguistic and extra-linguistic factors. Linking theory to method, the book will appeal to researchers in linguistics and psychology and graduate students interested in narrative, multilingualism, and language acquisition.
[Studies in Bilingualism, 61]  Expected December 2020.  vii, 338 pp. + index
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Table of Contents
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Acknowledging our reviewers
Cross-linguistic development of narrative comprehension from A to Z
Ute Bohnacker and Natalia Gagarina
Narrative comprehension in Lebanese Arabic-French bilingual children
Rachel Fiani, Guillemette Henry and Philippe Prévost
Inferential comprehension, age and language: How Swedish-German bilingual preschoolers understand picture-based stories
Josefin Lindgren and Ute Bohnacker
Bilingual Turkish-Swedish children’s understanding of MAIN picture sequences: Individual variation, age, language and task effects
Ute Bohnacker, Buket Öztekin and Josefin Lindgren
Narrative comprehension in simultaneously bilingual Finnish-Swedish and monolingual Finnish children
Sari Kunnari and Taina Välimaa
Narrative comprehension by Croatian-Italian bilingual children 5–7 years old: The role of receptive vocabulary and sentence comprehension
Maja Roch and Gordana Hržica
Bilingual children’s lexical and narrative comprehension in Dutch as the majority language
Elma Blom and Tessel Boerma
Why do you think the boy would be unhappy if he saw what the cat was eating?: Comprehension of German narratives in Russian- and Turkish-German bilingual children
Natalia Gagarina, Nathalie Topaj and Natalie Sürmeli
Narrative comprehension and its associations with gender and nonverbal cognitive skills in monolingual and bilingual German preschoolers
Carina Marie Wehmeier
Bilingualism effects in the narrative comprehension of children with Developmental Language Disorder and L2-Greek: Links with language, executive function and Theory of Mind
Eleni Peristeri, Maria Andreou, Ianthi Maria Tsimpli and Stephanie Durrleman
Commentary: Time travel in the development of cross-linguistic narrative evaluation
Barbara Zurer Pearson
BIC Subject: CFDM – Bilingualism & multilingualism