Diachronic Construction Grammar

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Construction Grammar as a framework offers a new perspective on traditional historical questions in diachronic linguistics and language change: how do new constructions arise, how should competition in diachronic variation be accounted for, how do constructions fall into disuse, and how do constructions change in general, formally and/or semantically, and with what implications for the language system as a whole? This volume offers a broad introduction to the confluence of Construction Grammar and historical syntax, and also detailed case studies of various instances of syntactic change modeled within Construction Grammar. The volume demonstrates that Construction Grammar as a theory is particularly well suited for modeling historical changes in morphosyntax, and it also documents challenging new phenomena that require a theoretical account within any competing framework of syntactic change.
[Constructional Approaches to Language, 18]  2015.  xi, 263 pp.
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Table of Contents
In memory of Anna Siewierska
Willem B. Hollmann
Diachronic Construction Grammar: Epistemological context, basic assumptions and historical implications
Jóhanna Barðdal and Spike Gildea
Toward a coherent account of grammatical constructionalization
Elizabeth Closs Traugott
Constructionalization and constructional change: The role of context in the development of constructions
Elena Smirnova
The influence of constructions in grammaticalization: Revisiting category emergence and the development of the definite article in English
Lotte Sommerer
Irregular morphology in regular syntactic patterns: A case of constructional re-alignment
Mirjam Fried
On the relation between inheritance and change: The Constructional Convergence and the Construction Network Reconfiguration Hypotheses
Tiago Timponi Torrent
Constructionalization and post-constructionalization: The constructional semantics of the Dutch krijgen-passive from a diachronic perspective
Timothy Colleman
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“Diachronic Construction Grammar is an exciting new area of cognitive-functional linguistics that connects ideas from grammaticalization theory, cognitive linguistics, and constructional approaches to grammar. This collection of articles, all written by well-known experts from the field, charts this new territory with case studies from Czech, Dutch, English, German, Brazilian Portuguese, and other languages. The book thus provides a much-needed overview and leads the way towards further investigations into the diachrony of constructions.”
“The volume provides a state-of-the-art overview of constructional approaches to diachrony. Uniting papers of a more theoretical stance with indepth case studies, its focus is on typical examples of grammaticalizating changes and theoretical questions pertaining to this type of language change. The introduction surveys the development of constructional diachronic approaches and positions the contributions of the volume in this rapidly diversifying field. The book is an excellent read for everybody interested in modern diachronic lingustics in general and grammaticalization and construction grammar in particular.”
“This is a really valuable book for researchers interested in usage-based approaches to language change. Each contribution combines theoretical insights with diverse empirical data, and the collection as a whole provides a rich source of material for understanding how construction grammar can account for fundamental issues in historical linguistics. The volume identifies both areas of common ground, and points of difference, which will hopefully lead to new research trajectories. All in all, it provides a state-of-the-art account of principles of diachronic construction grammar.”
“The volume adds interesting and important insights to the emerging field of studying language change from a constructionist’s point of view. The book is a good mix of theoretical discussion and empirical evidence and offers a range of different approaches and methods.”
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